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The following letters have been received from our readers. Hopefully they will give you a feeling for the people doing this type of traveling and their concerns. The letters also provide some interesting information about the destinations themselves. We would love to receive more letters!

We have done some editing of the letters and have noted the places where we have done so by using italicized text. First, we have removed private and personal passages. Second, much information about destinations and campgrounds is incorporated in our Book Additions and Corrections section of this web site and not repeated here.

Finally, we have not included the names of the writers or people they mention unless specifically authorized to include them. If you would like us to include your name when reprinting a letter or e-mail you send us please specifically authorize us to do so.


May 15, 2007

We LOOVE your book!

We are a family of three, 8 months into an open ended multi year trip around
the world with the first few in Europe. We have two of your books and just
love them! Your book European Camping is far superior to ANY of the other
camping books out there.

We have run into a few problems ( 0ne campsite was no longer there and one
in Carcassone was closed long before the date you mentioned last fall etc)
but for the most part it has worked really well.

Feel free to use our comments and post our link;


Thanks so much for your hard work in creating it and I tell everyone about
it as a way to say thanks!


December 15, 1999

Dear Authors:

We spent ten weeks, 10,600 km, in Europe this summer. Went in August for the eclipse (oops, big black cloud - oh well) and played. By the time we were through had four big fat guidebooks. We found that yours was consistently the best. You do a great job of what-to-do, what-to-see. Mostly we just followed your advice on campgrounds near the cities, and just looked for the little tent-on-a-sign when out in the boonies.We've been to Mexico half a dozen times, carrying tent when driving, but have seldom put the tent up. In most Mexican towns you can rent a room for less than a campsite. But that's before we read your Guide to Mexican Camping. Haven't even bought the book yet, but the next time one of us is in Powell's . . .Our next scheduled vacation is in Alaska, but don't think I need your book to go to Nome in March. Will be visiting a daughter there, and won't need a tent.OK, so I ramble a bit. Point in writing you was to express appreciation for your guide, to let you know that this pair of customers was delighted.Thanks for helping to make our trip so enjoyable.

Editor's Note: The writer attached a map of Europe with his route marked on it. The trip included visits to The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France and Spain.

December 9, 1999Dear Mike and Terri:Got back to the USA from Europe on the 15th of Nov., after three months there. Took our dog, and had no problems, except that she is a pain to look after. We had a wonderful trip in our VW Camper that we bought over the internet from a Canadian that had it stored in Amsterdam. Put on about 5,000 miles, and found that it was not that expensive to camp there as long as we didn't eat in restaurants. My wife wants to live in Paris now.

Your guide book came in really handy, especially in Milan, as the Caravan Club Book didn't mention any campground there.

December 1, 1999Dear Terri and Mike,We spent the month of October 99 in western Europe and your book was a godsend. There are a few minor corrections that you might want to make on a new edition.Editors Note: A number of minor corrections followed, they have been posted to the additions and corrections page of this site.We stayed at three other campgrounds that were not in your book and do not choose to recommend any of them.

Thanks again for a great book.

 To: Mike & Terri Church

Just a short note to THANK-YOU for your Traveler’s Guide To European Camping. We bought a copy the 1st of the year, then spent April & May in Germany & France in a rented motorhome. Your guide was VERY valuable. I think it gave us the confidence that we could do it. I hope you have had a good sale of the book. Without hesitation I have & do recommend it. You have done a "good favor" for us & I hope many more. 

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Church:

We recently completed a six month, off-season RV trip through much of western Europe and found your Traveler's Guide to European Camping quite useful.

Editors Note: The writer attached three pages of information about camping in France, Germany, Spain and Italy. It has been incorporated into the newest edition of the book.



June, 15, 2007

Dear Mike & Terri,

There are only two kinds of campers in Mexico: Distressed and relaxed ones. Incidentally, all the relaxed ones have your book, the others don't! Your Mexican Camping book is the bible, and we were so happy to carry a copy with us!


April 18, 2007

This morning, on our walk on the beach in Santa Rosalillita (Pacific side of Baja), I traded one pound of frozen hamburger for 3 lobster.  The fisherman thought he took me to the cleaners.  A good trade.

Jon Smaker

April 17, 2007

My husband and I (he's 72 and I'm 64) just got back from Mexico. We went in our Jeep and slept in our tent for 7 days. We had a wonderful time and your book "Mexican Camping" was invaluable. We went over the border at Columbus, NM/Palomas. Because of your book, we knew how to proceed

We spent our 1st night with Tito at Los Metates in Nuevo Casas Grandes as your book suggested. We were the only ones there, but they made sure we were comfortable and had hot showers. Two of the family dogs and a cat kept us company all night. They behaved perfectly. Since it was Easter weekend, all the family was there and they had a great time.
Then we went on to Creel and Copper Canyon. We stayed at Hotel Villa Mexicana. We had a few neighbors there. It was really cold, but then what could we expect since we were in the mountains. We drove our Jeep to Divisidaro to view the canyon and the Tarahumara Indians were there offering wares and food. It was so delicious. Then it was on to Chihuahua and Del Fresco RV Park. We were the only ones there too. We had horses and dogs for company!! We liked the idea of having the restaurant to eat then to take our showers right there. We had spent two nights at each place then went out through Presidio and on to Big Bend and Del Rio/Acuna.

Our first Mexican trip was made with your book in our hands at all times. We can never thank you enough for sharing your experiences. We definitely want to go back next year to a different area

Thanks again,

Rick and Patti Voshell

Mike & Terri Church-

We just got back from our first trip to Mexico. Not knowing what to expect we went armed with a library of books, guides, maps, etc. After the first few days it became apparent that your guide and one other (the Moon Handbook to Pacific Mexico) were all we needed. Our nightly ritual consisted of pouring over your book to see where we should go next.

I have to tell you of a few of our favorites....

 Mar-A-Villas in Mazatlan- When we got here we wondered if we ever needed to go further south. Shady sites, friendly people, beautiful beach! Who could ask for more?

Sayulita Trailer Park- What a beautiful place. I'm not sure which we liked better; the town or the beach. We were there on Revolution Day (11/20) and were treated to a parade by the town's children. Probably the most memorable day of our trip.

Boca De Iguanas- We had the place entirely to ourselves. How much better can it get? Right on the beach, very clean facilities and the best showers we had seen in Mexico. We were only able to spend 2 days here, but next trip we will spend much more time.

Pretty Sunset Trailer Park- Certainly the jewel of Pacific Mexico! Again wish we could have spent more time here. The lagoon begs to be kayaked in, the town is charming and the owner and his wife are two of the nicest people that I have ever met!

Thanks to your book we had an incredible vacation and plan to return many, many more times. Thanks again for a very accurate, informative book.

Dave & Peggy Scott
Bellingham, Washington


October 10, 2001

My new Mexico Camping Guide came yesterday, and I'm thrilled!  Thanks so much for autographing it, too.  We have wintered in Mexico, constantly cruising for the last 20 years.  Last year, we finally bought your book, and it was a great help.  The new book looks even better.  Tentatively, we will follow your route of last year as far as at least San Cristobol, and spend a month or so in that area.  Can't wait to visit the new museum at Tonina, it wasn't yet open when we were there last.  This year, as we run into new sites, we'll let you know about them!

 Thanks again for the great work,

Dear Mr. And Mrs. Church,

I just received your Traveler’s Guide to Mexican Camping. My vocabulary isn’t adequate to describe my admiration for this great book. It is obvious you have invested a prodigious amount of work in it, and the information is not only clear and useful, but also meticulous in its accuracy. I checked the information for some of the campgrounds and found all of it faultless.

I’m sure you considered including information about driving restrictions in Mexico City to reinforce your point about the inadvisability of driving through the city; perhaps in the next edition you might think some more about including it.

Congratulations on a superlative accomplishment, and thanks very much for producing a badly-needed reference in such a high-quality form.

Dear Terri and Mike:

Thank you for the new camping guide which we received in perfect condition a couple of days ago. It’s terrific! You have a nice writing style, and the graphics are clean and clear. We are glad to have it since we will be heading for Mexico in early December. Our ultimate destination this year is Oaxaca with visits to Taxco, Cuernevaca, Puebla and points in between. We may spend Christmas in Guadalajara with (some friends), whom you met at Hacienda in Guadalajara last season. They live in (xxx), where our daughter and family also live, and came to visit us in (a town in the U.S.) yesterday. We have become good friends since meeting at the Hacienda in February. We met them again in Mazatlan in March and traveled back to Nogales together, including a side trip to Alamos. Alamos is nice, but we think a bit over-rated. We took a guided walking tour on a beastly hot day and nearly died of dehydration. We also went to a charming town to the east of Los Mochis, El Fuerte maybe, I’d have to look it up.

So, I copied your order form for the (xxx) who plan to order a hora. I will be glad to pass the word. I did in fact put it on the Internet on a Web page called Amigo! And included the purchase information.

Are you going to Mexico this coming winter? If you think of a way I could help distribute your book just let me know, in case you aren’t going yourselves. Perhaps the campgrounds would buy a few copies for their guests, etc., etc.

After we parted in Zacatecas (which was a high point of the year made even more enjoyable by seeing it with you folks) we went to Durango. There may be a mistake in your little map, but then we might just have misread it. Bears checking, though if you should go that way again. We probably won’t in the foreseeable future. At the RV area behind the hotel I noticed, as we pulled in, the bright orange concrete service pylons marked "110 W." Well, they mean "110 V, I presume," I said to myself. After trying one spot (we were the only ones there), we decided to move a few spaces and I hooked up to electricity again. (his wife) was standing by the microwave which signals the arrival of power, and heard awful noises. She yelled and I unhooked immediately. It was only then I noticed that two pylons were marked "220 W" and I had inadvertently connected to one of them! No damage done, as far as we know. We had a good dinner in the restaurant there, but when we went to leave in the morning a big truck was blocking our exit and the trucker couldn’t be aroused. We finally made it by driving across the field.

The journey down to Mazatlan is quite scenic and worth the trip, although I wouldn’t want to take it going the other direction. We spent several days at Maravilla, where I got in some nice biking on the little road out to Mex. 15 and back. Also along the tracks and beach north to the Betty Ford Clinic.

Bueno suerte y buen viaje,

Editor's Note: We met these folks at a campground north of Puerto Vallarta and again ran in to them in Zacatecas. In Mexico you often meet the same people again and again as you travel around the country. That's one of the great things about traveling in Mexico!

Alamos can indeed be hot. So can much of Mexico. Don't plan to do much walking and exploring during the height of the day. Mexican's often spend this time taking a nap, not a bad idea. In Alamos one of the most interesting things to do is to visit the central squares and restaurants of the old town during the cool of the evening.

The Durango campground mentioned above is actually a few parking spots in the fenced   yard of a motel. As we note in our write-up: There is no doubt that the RV parking area is an afterthought in this motel. The hookups are old and badly in need of maintenance, several are unusable unless you are in a European rig because they are 220 volts. Despite this, the Campo Mexico is a reliable stopping point in a region with few campgrounds.

Dear Terri & Mike,

Congratulations on your "Traveler’s Guide to Mexican Camping." It was really worth waiting for.

We met you in Zacatecas at Hotel Hacienda del Bosque Campground in March and looked forward to your guide, but it turned out to be way more than we expected. Not only have you covered all possible bases but your down to earth presentation and obvious love of the country comes shining through.

We’ve been to many of the areas you cover (Baja, Yucatan & Colonial/West Coast) on two caravans the past two winters and know from experience that your information and travel instructions to the campgrounds are excellent.

This winter we’re going to visit the west coast and several colonial cities and will make good use of your guide, as we’re now brave enough to go it on our own. See you South of the Border!

 Dear Mike & Terri:

I have read your Traveler’s Guide to Mexican Camping and have been benefited by information in the book. In fact, we have changed some of our tours due to information in your book. We intend to buy the books and give one to each of our RV Caravan customers.

We wanted you to know we appreciate the book, and thank you for all the help it has been to us!


 I’m just back from a trip to Mexico, on which I made extensive use of your Traveler’s Guide to Mexican Camping. It was extremely gratifying to have a RV guidebook that was so clear and useful.

The accuracy of the information makes it unique in the field of travel books. In fact, the only tangle I found was in the directions for getting through El Paso. As shown on the accompanying map, the N-S highway is 54, not 59; Paisano is the main street through the business district. I don’t think this caused anybody trouble, because the signs on I-10 are pretty clear.

Congratulations on doing a superb job.


 Dear Mike and Terri,

We recently returned from our winter in Mexico. We went down the east coast Cd. Victoria, Tampico Villahermosa etc. and settled in Paa Mul for five weeks, then on to Palenque, Oaxaca, Patzcuaro, Cuernavaca, Taxco, Guadalajara and finally settling down for a couple of months in Mazatlan where we have spent the winter the last five years.

I wanted to take a minute and tell you how valuable your book was to us. The written directions to the parks were clear and easy to follow and the line drawings were excellent. We were the envy of all those we met who had gotten away before your book was out or otherwise didn’t know about it. (By the way we saw your notice in Holiday Trailer Park in Mazatlan last year). We met (xxx) at Paa Mul. I think you were parked near him when you were there.

We belong to the SKP RV club and when I finish reading the issues of their newsletter that I’ve not read over the winter, I’ll send them a little blurb about the book. They have a local chapter (Ch. 8) devoted to helping people travel in their RVs to Mexico. More people should know about it.

By the way there is a new trailer park in Mazatlan. It’s called San Fernando and is just east of the Mar Rosa Park about a block and a half. Turn east on the street that has the new "Spectaculare" theatre on one corner and the big Banrural building on the other. The El Quixote Inn and Mar Rosa are on the beach side of the street. The park has about 65 sites. Some of them big enough only for the smallest rigs. It has a small pool and hot tub. Maria who worked at Playa Escondida for years is working there and speaks excellent English. The owners are very anxious to please. In fact they even offered up to a month free rent if people had paid where they were and wanted to move. Rumor has it that they are going to add more sites which will be bigger and they hope to take some of the caravan business away from La Posta and Playa Escondida. (for you for information for the next edition)

Anyway, we will continue to talk up your book and wish you all success in your sales. By the way thank you for letting us know about the delay in publishing. That was reassuring to us. The book reached us just before we were getting ready to leave.


 Dear Friends,

We found your book invaluable, as I knew we would, during our fifth winter of travel in Mexico. But for it, for example, we doubtless would never have enjoyed Las Estacas. Here are a few more notes for your next edition.

(Editor's notes: following this paragraph was a detailed listing of notes which are all included in the Mexico update section of the web site.)


 Dear Friends,

Having spent the last four winters, amounting to some 24 months, traveling in Mexico and visiting each of its states, and being a proponent of independent (rather than caravan) travel, I purchased your Traveler’s Guide To Mexican Camping as soon as I heard of it, devoured it eagerly, and have only one word to describe my reaction to it: thrilled! I have written many long letters to members of the Family Motor Coach Association seeking information about independent travel in Mexico, and now my advice to them can be much shorter: get The Book!

The Traveler’s Guide answers all the most frequently asked questions in clear and direct style, and generally with an accuracy that agrees with my experience. I have not made a systematic comparison of the campgrounds covered with those I have visited, but I have noticed only one of the later omitted (in Ciudad Mante, Tamps.). The only general criticism I would make is that the outlined tours in Chapter 1 cover far too much territory in far too little time to allow people to appreciate the experience. My specific comments and corrections follow:

( Editor's note: following this paragraph was a detailed listing of comments and corrections which are all included in the Mexico update section of this web site.)


Dear Mike and Terri:

We used your book, Traveler’s Guide to Mexican Camping, for the first three months of 1998, and found it to be an invaluable tool. The vast majority of the campgrounds were exactly as you described them, the directions for getting to them were easy to follow and accurate, and we had a great time.

In the preface to your book, you asked for feedback if we found changes. There’s very little to report, but we thought you might like to have the following:

(Editor's Note: following this paragraph was a listing of changes which are included in the Mexico update section of this web site.)

Thanks for taking the time to write the book. We look forward to getting the next edition when we return to Mexico.


 Dear Mike & Terri

The best to you.

You might not remember me, (xxx), I went over on the ferry with you with my friend (xxx) last year from La Paz to Topolobompo. We then followed you to the RV place at the Hotel in Los Mochis. We really asked you where to camp etc, (which we used several of them). You told about you book coming out in July. I sent my money and got your book. How well done. You have really done a service, believe me.

I thought I would give some up dates and ask you to do a guide to Central America (I’ve enclosed a copy of a letter I just sent). I have a lot of ideas for one if you do one, I just don’t have the ambition to do one. They are very different and are poised to take-off. Great roads & getting betterno topes. Border crossing problems, but no intimidation problems. Great people.

I just came back from spending a month down there. Visited 5 countries (not Belize or Panama). Incidentally while there we went to Rio Dulce on the Atlantic side of Guatamala, I understood they are working on the road from the border to Belize. You can visit Tikal, then Rio Dulce, then Guatamala City to Antigua, and either go back to Mexico through the highlands or go by Lake Atilane the coastal route to Tapachula in Mexico.

(Editor's Note: Following this paragraph was a listing of updates which are included in the Mexico update section of this web site.)

(xxx) who went with me wrote all about our trip. I am "dying" to get a copy, but haven’t ran into him this year. I read a story about his bringing his boat down to La Paz and couldn’t put it down.

I just wish I could have about 10 books of yours as I gave the address out and showed your book. One guy in Mazatlan (on the way back) from Canada who was at the very expensive one (Mar Rosa – page 111 and facing the ocean). Anyway, he said he wasn’t interested as he only comes down to Mazatlan and only stays at this one on the ocean (he had a new, very expensive rig).

I am going to buy your European one, just because there is so much info, but please do one for Central America.

Thanks again,

Dear Churches,

Love your book. We've been RVing in Mexico since 1981 (we're in our early 50s now(started young). We could have used this book years ago.

It would be wonderful if you would be willing to publish an addendum (e mail?, web site?) as things change so quickly in Mexico. We would be willing to pay for such an update, even for "rumors".

We traveled Texas; Yucatan; Puebla; San Miguel Allende mid November to March 1. All the spots we visited were as you described with the following exceptions:

(Editor's Note: following this paragraph was a listing of updates and comments which are included in the Mexico update section of this web site.)

 Dear Terri and Mike,

Your book on Mexican RV Parks fills a gaping hole not filled by Sanborn’s, AAA, Good Sam Club, or any of the other guides we have attempted to use.

We have been traveling to Mexico on a near annual basis since 1980. Many of the RV parks we have visited were found by asking local residents. Other guidebooks give skimpy or inaccurate directions and are seldom or never updated.

We borrowed a neighbor’s copy of your book for an afternoon’s perusal. Checking on your information for campgrounds with which we are familiar (dozens of them!) we find your information to be timely and accurate.

We look forward to having our own copy of your book. Send to (xxx).

5 Yr. full timer RVers from Denver, Colorado

Dear Sirs:

We love your excellent Traveler's Guide to Mexican Camping. The directions and maps are priceless. Nobody could find that campground in Campeché without your book.

What other books are available by mail order?

(Editor's Note: The above was on the back of a postcard from Belize.)

April 29, 1999

Dear Friends:

As I do not have internet access, I'm enclosing an SASE and will greatly appreciate your sending me updates for your absolutely invaluable Mexican Camping guide. Thanks to it, we enjoyed a stay this year (our sixth winter in Mexico) at the El Paraiso (page 174 or your book), which has not been mentioned in any other guide we know of and which we had never heard of.

Having just returned from Mexico, I offer the following updates, knowing, since I do not have internet access, that you may already have them.

Editor's Note: The many updates that followed in this letter were great stuff, they're now included in the Mexico Updates section of the site.

October 10, 1999

Dear Mike and Terri,

     This past May, my husband Henry and I took our mini-Class C MotorHome (18 feet) down the coast of Mexico to Puerto Vallarta, and then moseyed our way back through the colonial cities and the Copper Cañon area to Douglas, Arizona, for a total of six weeks. We met very few Americans (or any other non-national) travelers during this off-season trip, but all who were out there were carrying aboard their vehicles "the bible", that is, your book Traveler's Guide to Mexican Camping; without which we would not have had the logic of choosing which locations to go to, nor the ease of finding interesting places to camp.

As your book addresses itself primarily to winter-time travel, we thought you might be interested in hearing from people who visited the campgrounds during a different season. I also hope that in future editions of your book that you will encourage other campers to travel during this totally uncrowded and (for the most part) benign weather time.

Editor: This section of the letter had comments about a large number of campgrounds, these comments have been incorporated into the "Additions and Changes" section of this web site.

I realize that this is a pretty long note, but we wanted to fill you in with what we discovered along the way in the spring and fall in Mexico. By the way, although we have extensive Mexico experience (small plane and sailboat mainly in Baja), this is the first motorhome we've owned, and this was our first trip in it.


July 15, 2000

Dear Mike and Terri:

We only recently found out about the book updates available on your web site...much appreciated! Your book was invaluable during our trip last winter. We had previously vacationed in Mexico but had never driven/camped there. We logged over 5,300 miles in 5 months. traveling the first 4,000+ with another SKP (Escapee) couple who had some Mexican driving experience, and the last leg from PV to Nogales on our own. Through prior arrangements we met up with two more SKP couples at Xpu-Ha, where we stayed for over two months. As already noted in the updates, camping options there are dwindling and the way the beach is being overtaken by condos, ëco parks"ets, it may not be long before it is nonexistend. : (

Editor's Notes: The body of the letter contained lots of update information which is posted in the Mexico updates section.

Obviously, having traveled for five months, there is sooo much more, but we won't bore you with it. However, if you have any questions or if we can be of any help, just e-mail us. (We don't have a computer so this Pocketmail is really great. Supposedly they have a number you can call from Mexico to send/receive e-mail. : )

Thanks for all of the work that went into publishing your book and keeping up the web site. We leave at the end of Sept. on our next Mexican adventure. We ceretainly would be willing to make (better) notes if you feel they may be of use for your updates. Just let us know.

With much gratitude,

August 2, 2000

Hi Mike & Terri

We had the good fortune to meet you at the Gillette rally and express our extreme delight in your Traveler's Guide to Alaskan Camping. We spent May and June touring Alaska in our RV and bought several books about the highway, camping, places of interest, etc., including the Milepost which we found invaluable for mundane information such as where to find gas, what's around the next corner, etc., but as for guidance in the best places to camp all along the way, all other books gradually found their way back into our book pile while yours rode up front with the Milepost.

We found your book interesting, informative, and, most of all, invaluable. We liked all the places you liked for all the same reasons. Whenever we began looking for a place to camp, out came your book, and we were able to narrow our choices or at least know what to expect in every area.

In Gillette we purchased your Mexico and Pacific Northwest books, one of which we gave as a gift to friends who plan to tour Washington & Oregon very soon. We feel certain that they will become fans of yours as we have become.

Have a great summer and we hope to run into you again somewhere along the

September 25, 2001

So glad a new book is coming out. We go to Mexico every winter for 3 months and couldn't or wouldn't without your book. We travel alone, usually. Last year a couple from Wisconsin went with us. They had to buy a Church book too. At every campground in Mexico people share how great your book is.

Looking forward to the new one - great birthday gift to me - from me.

Thank you,



October 1, 2001

Dear Mike/Terri,

We've just returned from three months in Alaska and even though we're swamped with things to get caught up on we just had to thank you for your Alaska camping guide. It was more valuable than the Milepost. We really appreciated your personal comments on individual camping sites and you were really correct. We saved a lot of time by reading your descriptions and knowing where to stay.

We now believe that Alaska is the most beautiful state in the union and plan to go back in two years. We're disappointed that the state does not have the $200 camping pass anymore.

We met you last year at the Life on Wheels Conference where you gave excellent presentations and again at the big Gillette rally. 

Again, many thanks for your great book.

September 11, 2001

Dear Mike and Terri,

We enjoyed your presentation in Chico (April) and have used your Alaska Camping book many times in our travels during the past two months. In fact, I've often sat with your book and the Milepost in my lap for hours, especially as we prepare to camp in the night. We have especially appreciated the details of state and government campgrounds. We love the dry camping places even though we travel in a 40-foot motorhome. We have had a wonderful experience this summer - please know we have spoken of you many times - fondly of course.


Editor's note: The Chico meeting mentioned above was the spring Escapees rally. We're Escapees ourselves and think it's a great organization. We often speak at RV rallies and enjoy spreading the word about Europe, Alaska, and Mexico and meeting our readers.

July 21, 2000

To whom it may concern:

I am an RV Park owner on the Glenn Highway, between Palmer and Glenallen Alaska. Our park is in its first full season, as we were finishing construction last year and didn't open our doors until July.

I am writing to you because recently we have had two separate parties at our business singing praises about your book, but wondering why we were not in it. They urged me to write to you to inform you about our place. After briefly thumbing through your book, I appreciated your honest and straight forward reviews of each park.

Editor: The remainder of the letter had information about the park. It has been posted in the Alaska updates section until we release a new edition of our guide. We release our guides on a 3 to 5 year cycle, depending upon how much we feel each destination changes. Updating is expensive and time-consuming, so we have to strike a balance between complete accuracy and economics. To help with this problem we post changes we are aware of on this site. We think it's an excellent use of the internet. If you know someone who has our books let them know about the internet updates.

Pacific Northwest

January 3, 2002

Terri and Mike -

My domestic partner and I met you last year  in Moscow, Idaho.  I bought your Pacific Northwest book at that time.  I just wanted to let you know that we spent the month of August in Oregon and Washington in our Chinook.  Your book was amazingly helpful even though we were always going "backwards" on your itineraries.  Favorite places (thanks to you two) were: Mora Campground, Hurricane Ridge, Dungeness Wildlife Refuge (saw a deer with twin fawns twice!), Thaler Wetlands,  etc.etc.  We hope to go to British Columbia in the next year or two and know that we will find more great places in the book.

 Are you planning on writing a book that would cover Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia?  and other parts of Eastern Canada?  If you were planning on doing that we would probably plan our trip around the book.

Hope you are both doing well and having fun traveling and writing.

Editors Note: No plans for an eastern Canada book in the immediate future, perhaps in a few years. 


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