Traveler's Guide to European Camping:

Explore Europe Economically At Your Own Pace Using RV or Tent

Third Edition

by Mike and Terri Church

6" by 9" Paperback
640 pages, over 400 maps
ISBN 0-9652968-8-1
$ 24.95


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This book is now in its third edition. Over 350 campgrounds including at least one in virtually every important European city are described in detail, directions are given for finding them, and in many cases information about convenient shopping, entertainment, and sports opportunities is provided.

Traveler's Guide to European Camping will tell you how to rent, lease or buy a rig in Europe or ship your own vehicle from home. It contains the answers to questions about the myriad details of living, driving, and camping in Europe.Traveler's Guide to Alaskan Camping Cover

In addition to camping and campground information Traveler's Guide to European Camping gives you invaluable details about the history and sights you will encounter. This information will help you plan your itinerary and enjoy yourself more when you are on the road.

Use the information in this book to travel Europe like a native. Enjoy the food, sights, and people of Western Europe. Spend weeks, months, or years touring the continent for not much more than you would pay to travel this way in North America.


Roads to Adventure, Spring 2000, p. 16 -

"With the help of The Traveler's Guide to European Camping, you'll be navigating the Continent like a native."


Table of Contents


Chapter 1 - Why Camp Europe?
     A European Grand Tour

Chapter 2 - The Camping Vehicle

Chapter 3 - Details, Details, Details

Chapter 4 - How to Use the Destination Chapters

Chapter 5 - British Isles: Great Britain and Ireland
     Selected Cities and Campgrounds
          Aberdeen and the Dee Valley, Scotland
          Ballyshannon, Ireland and Beleek, Northern Ireland
          Balmacara and the Isle of Skye, Scotland
          Bath, England
          Battle, England
          Belfast, Northern Ireland
          Blackpool, England
          Brighton, England
          Bristol, England
          Bushmills, Northern Ireland
          Caernarfon, Wales
          Cambridge, England
          Canterbury, England
          Cardiff, Wales
          Chester, England
          Cork and Blarney, Republic of Ireland
          Corrofin, Republic of Ireland
          Culzean Castle, Scotland
          Dartmouth, England
          Dingle, Republic of Ireland
          Doolin, Republic of Ireland
          Durham, England
          Dublin, Republic of Ireland
          Durness, Scotland
          Edinburgh, Scotland
          Galway, Republic of Ireland
          Glasgow, Scotland
          Hadrian's Wall and Haltwhistle, England
          Inverness, Scotland
          Iron Gorge and Bridgnorth, England
          John o'Groats and Dunnet Head, Scotland
          Kenmare, Republic of Ireland
          Kilkenny, Republic of Ireland
          Killarney, Republic of Ireland
          King's Lynn and Sandringham, England
          Knock, Republic of Ireland
          Land's End and Cornwall, England
          Lake District, England
          London, England
          Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England
          Norwich, England
          Oban, Scotland
          Oxford, England
          Peak District, England
          Porlock and Exmoor National Park, England
          Portsmouth, England
          Salisbury, England
          St Andrews, Scotland
          St David's, Wales
          Stoke-on-Trent, England
          Stratford-upon-Avon, England
          Trossachs, Scotland
          Ullapool, Scotland
          Warwick, England
          Waterford and Clonea, Republic of England
          Wick, Scotland
          York, England

Chapter 6 - Benelux Countries
     Selected Cities and Campgrounds
          Alkmaar, Netherlands
          Amsterdam, Netherlands
          Antwerp, Belgium
          Arnhem, Netherlands
          Bruges, Belgium
          Brussels, Belgium
          Delft and The Hague, Netherlands
          Edam, Volendam, and Marken, Netherlands
          Enkhuizen, Netherlands
          Ghent, Belgium
          Haarlem and Zandvoort, Netherlands
          La Roche and the Ardennes Forest, Belgium
          Luxembourg City, Luxembourg
          Tournai, Belgium
          Utrecht, Netherlands

Chapter 7 - France
     Selected Cities and Campgrounds
          Agde, France
          Aigues Mortes, France
          Albert, France
          Alençon, Franc
          Albi, France
          Annecy, France
          Arcachon and the Dune de Pyla, France
          Bayeux, France
          Beaune, France
          Bordeaux, France
          Calais, France
          Carcassonne, France
          Chamonix, France
          Chartres, France
          Cognac, France
          Colmar, France
          Dieppe, France
          Dijon, France
          Dinan, France
          Dordogne, Valley and the Surrounding Region, France
               Les Eyzies-des Tayac
          Épernay, France
          Fougères, France
          Gorges du Tarne, France
          Grenoble, France
          Honfleur, France
          La Rochelle and Ile de Ré, France
          Les Andeleys, France
          Limoges, France
          Loire Valley, France
               Blois Area
               Northwest of Blois
               Amboise Area
               Chinon Area
               Saumur Area
          Lourdes, France
          Lyons, France
          Mont-St-Michel, France
          Nantes, France
          Paris and the Ile de France
          Pau, France
          Poitiers and St-Maixent-l'Ecole, France
          Provence and the Côte D'Azure, France
               Remoulins and the Pont du Gard
               Avignon Area
               Western Riviera
               Nice Area
          Quimper, France
          Rouen, France
          St-Émilion, France
          St-Quay-Portrieux, France
          Strasbourg, France
          Toulouse, France
          Verdun, France

Chapter 8 - Germany
     Selected Cities and Campgrounds
          Baden-Baden, Germany
          Berchtesgaden, Germany
          Berlin, Germany
          Bremen, Germany
          Chiemsee, Germany
          Cologne, Germany
          Dresden, Germany
          Frankfurt A.M., Germany
          Freiburg, Germany
          Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany
          Hamburg, Germany
          Heidelberg, Germany
          Lübeck, Germany
          Mainz and Wiesbaden, Germany
          Munich, Germany
          Nuremberg, Germany
          Rhine (Middle) and Moselle River Valleys, Germany
          Romantic Road, Germany
               Würzburg to Rothenburg ober der Tauber
                Rothenburg ober der Tauber
                Rothenburg to Dinkelsbühl
                Dinkelsbühl to Augsburg
                Augsburg to Schwangau-Füssen
          Stuttgart, Germany

Chapter 9 - Iberia
     Selected Cities and Campgrounds
          Algarve Region, Portugal
               Olhão to Albufeira
               Albufeira to Lagos
               East of Lagos
          Alpujarras and Pitres, Spain
          Aranjuez, Spain 
          Barcelona, Spain
          Bilbao, Spain
          Burgos, Spain
          Cádiz, Jerez De La Frontera, and El Puerto de Santa María, Spain
          Cascais, Portugal
          Cordova, Spain
          Costa del Sol, Spain
               Gibraltar and Estepona
                Fuéngirola to Nerja
                Almerimar and El Ejido
          Évora, Portugal
          Figueres and Sant Pere Pescador, Spain
          Laguna de Fuente de Piedra, Spain
          Granada, Spain
          Lisbon, Portugal
          Madrid, Spain
          Nazaré, Portugal 
          Oporto, Portugal
          Pamplona, Spain
          Peñiscola and Vinaros, Spain
          Ronda, Spain
          Salamanca, Spain
          San Lorenzo de El Escorial, Spain
          San Sebastián, Spain
          Santander, Spain
          Santiago de Compostela, Spain
          Seville, Spain
          Tarifa, Spain
          Toledo, Spain
          Valencia, Spain
          Vall de Laguar and Campell, Spain
          Viana do Castelo, Portugal

Chapter 10 - Italy
     Selected Cities and Campgrounds
          Aosta, Italy
          Assisi, Italy
          Bologna, Italy
          Brindisi, Italy
          Cassino, Italy
          Chianti Hills, Italy
          Cinque Terre, Italy
          Cortina, Italy
          Florence, Italy
          Genoa, Italy
          Italian Lake District
               Lake Maggiore
               Lake Lugano
               Lake Cómo
               Lake Garda
          Milan, Italy
          Naples, Sorrento, and Pompei, Italy
          Paestum, Italy
          Pisa, Italy
          Rome, Italy
          Siena, Italy
          Venice, Italy
          Verona, Italy

Chapter 11 - Scandinavia
     Selected Cities and Campgrounds
          Bergen, Norway
          Billund, Denmark
          Copenhagen, Denmark
          Gothenburg, Sweden
          Helsinki, Finland
          Hornbaek, Denmark
          Kalmar, Sweden
          Karlskrona, Sweden
          Kristiansand, Norway
          Malmo, Sweden
          Odense, Denmark
          Oslo, Norway
          Stavanger, Norway
          Sockholm, Sweden
          Turku, Finland
          Uppsala, Sweden

Chapter 12 - Switzerland and Austria
     Selected Cities and Campgrounds
          Appenzell, Switzerland
          Basel, Switzerland
          Bern, Switzerland
          Geneva, Switzerland
          Graz, Austria
          Hallstatt, Austria
          Innsbruck, Austria
          Interlaken and the Jungfrau Region, Switzerland
          Lausanne, Switzerland
          Locarno, Switzerland
          Lucerne, Switzerland
          Lugano, Switzerland
          Melk, Austria
          Reutte, Austria
          Salzburg, Austria
          Vaduz, Liechtenstein
          Vienna, Austria
          Zermatt, Switzerland
          Zurich, Switzerland

Chapter 13 - Greece and Turkey
     Selected Cities and Campgrounds
          Alexandroupolis, Greece
          Athens, Greece
          Ayvalik, Turkey
          Bergama, Turkey
          Bodrum, Turkey
          Canakkale, Turkey
          Delphi, Greece
          Gallipoli, Turkey
          Greek Islands, Greece
               Agios Nikölaos, Crete
               Haniá, Crete
               Iraklion, Crete
               Mátala, Crete
          Igoumenitsa, Greece
          Ioánnina, Greece
          Istanbul, Greece
          Kastoria, Greece
          Kavála, Greece
          Kusadasi, Turkey
          Metéora, Greece
          Methóni, Greece
          Nafplion, Greece
          Olympia, Greece
          Pamukkale, Turkey
          Rafína, Greece
          Sparta, Greece
          Thessaloníki, Greece

Chapter 14 - Central Europe
     Selected Cities and Campgrounds
               Bratislava, Slovakia
               Budapest, Hungary
               Ceský Krumlov, Czech Republic
               Eger, Hungary
               Héviz, Hungary
               Kosice, Slovakia
               Kraków, Poland
               Lake Bled, Slovakia
               Litomerice, Czech Republic
               Ljubljana, Slovakia
               Prague, Czech Republic
               Ptuj, Slovakia
               Trencin, Slovakia
               Zakopane, Poland

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