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We are very interested in hearing from our readers. If you have used our books and have suggestions or corrections to offer please do not hesitate to contact us by mail or email. We will often incorporate information from readers into this web site. We may also add your letter or email to the letters page of the site. We won't identify the writers of these suggestions, corrections, and letters unless specifically authorized to do so.

We are always on the road, sometimes in places where communication is difficult.  During that time we do have someone who takes care of mailing books ordered directly from us. We are sometimes slow to respond to letters and email and only infrequently update the website if we are in Mexico or Europe. We're having too much fun.

See the About the Authors page for our present location.

To send us an email just click here. Although we like to respond to all emails this is just not possible since we receive quite a few of them. We do read them all, and respond to many each day. If you have questions about the destinations we write about please take a look at our books before writing to us. We find that many of the questions we receive have already been addressed in the books.


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