Mexico RVing and Camping Links


Government and Officialdom

CPB Website - General info about what you can bring in to the U.S. from Mexico.

Border Patrol and Customs - Pages show hours of operation of U.S. side for all Mexico/US crossings. Listed by state.

U.S. Department of State - Country Specific Information for Mexico. Includes useful safety information.

Canadian government Mexico Travel Report - Includes useful safety information.

Sectur - Official Mexican government tourism site.

SCT  - The SCT is the Mexican ministry of transportation and communications. This site has excellent information about Mexican roads, but it's all in Spanish. Still, it's pretty easy to understand. For good PDF Maps of each state which can be downloaded: Scroll down and click on Atlas Carreterros, then scroll down the next page that comes up. There's a list of states, if you click on the links a PDF map will come up that you can save do your own computer. For routefinding and toll rates: Scroll down and click on Traza Tu Ruta for a route-finding tool. Click around this site, there's a lot of other good stuff.

Profeco - This page lets you see if a Pemex station has been checked to see if it pours an honest liter of gasoline. You can push the Denuncia button near the top of the page to complain about a station!

Point to Point Routes - This is a tool on the website of the Mexican Secretaria de Comunicaciones y Transportes. It will determine a driving route between cities and calculate tolls.

General Mexico Information Sites

Mexico Online - Excellent general information about Mexico.

Mexico Connect - Another excellent site with general information about Mexico. To get right to the interesting stuff about RVing in Mexico just use the on-site the search engine and type in the name Eidell. David Eidell is their Mexico RVing guru.

RVers Online - RVing Mexico: A Mini-Series by David Eidell. Some great information about RVing in Mexico.

Vagabundos del Mar - A long-established travel club focusing primarily on the Baja Peninsula. They offer a wealth of information and activities, also Mexican vehicle insurance.

People's Guide to Mexico - This seems to be everyone's favorite book about visiting Mexico, it is certainly ours. Here's the web site.

RVing in Mexico - New DVD by Roving Publications showing RV travel down the west coast of Mexico and also the Yucatan.

The Serious Mexican Tourist - This web site has a lot of interesting information not available elsewhere including road logs

Mesoweb - Lots of information about Mexican archeological sites.

The Mexico Files - The newsletter for Mexicophiles.

Mexico Mike - Have you missed Mexico Mike Nelson since he stopped writing road logs for Sanborns? Here's his site. See if you can find his review of our book. Incidentally Mike - we have received a ticket for not stopping at a railroad crossing.

Mexico Maps - Web site offers an extensive selection of Mexican maps and travel atlases.

Mexico News

The News - A great source of Mexican daily news, in English.


Sanborn's Mexico Insurance - This site by the best known name in Mexican auto insurance has lots of valuable information.

SkyMed - This company provides emergency medical air evacuation from foreign countries. It could come in very handy if you are traveling in a remote area or if your medical insurance doesn't cover you adequately in Mexico. Many Mexico travelers swear by this company, particularly if they've had occasion to use it.

Central and South America

Panamericana Info - This site is designed to let you easily access hundreds of other sites and blogs about highway travel in North, South, and Central America.

Personal Blogs and Sites of Mexico Travelers

Living and Boondocking in Mexico

Al and Suzette's Retirement Website

Dutch Duo Wildlife Photography


Travel With Kevin and Ruth


Mooners in Mexico

Wandering Willie

The Adventures of Tioga and George

RV Adventure

Wandering Mexico

John and Peggy Kobak - Mexico 2010 RV Trip

5 C's Que Pasa

Sprinterlife - Pan-American Adventure

Caravan Companies

Adventure Caravans - RV caravans to Mexico and Mexican vehicle insurance.

Baja Amigos - RV caravans to the Baja Peninsula specializing in small groups.

Baja Winters Travel Club - RV tours down the Baja Peninsula. They also sell Mexican vehicle insurance.

Fantasy Caravans - RV caravans to Mexico and Mexican vehicle insurance.


Tourist Information

Chihuahua State Tourism Office - Excellent Website covering the Copper Canyon.

Pacific Pearl - Mazatlán's tourist newspaper.

Oaxaca Live - Great site for Oaxaca information.







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