Route: San Blás to Puerto Vallarta
Date: January 26, 2002
Logged By: Mike and Terri Church
Vehicle: 30-foot Class C with towed pickup

Note: This route continues along the coastal route bypassing Tepic.

000.0 Miles (000.0 Km) -- The route begins at the edge of San Blás where the small road from Guadalupe Victoria enters from the north. This point was the end point of the previous driving log.

000.1 Miles (000.2 Km) -- Driving eastward out of town toward Tepic cross a small bridge.

000.9 Miles (001.5 Km) -- Km 32 marker.

001.4 Miles (002.3 Km) -- Cutoff to the right signed for Santa Cruz. We turn right. The new road continues to be a narrow two-lane paved road.

002.6 Miles (004.2 Km) -- Km 2 marker.

002.7 Miles (004.4 Km) -- Entering the small town of Matanchen. The docks for boat tours of the jungle river behind San Blás are to the left. Great for birders. The road through the tiny community is only slightly congested and there are topes, no problem.

002.9 Miles (004.7 Km) -- Road turns 90 degrees to the left and leaves town.

005.7 Miles (009.2 Km) -- Km 7 marker.

008.2 Miles (013.2 Km) -- Entering town of Aticama. Some congestion and topes but not a problem.

009.0 Miles (014.5 Km) -- Road reaches the beach and turns sharply left, many small restaurants on the right overlooking the water.

009.2 Miles (014.8 Km) -- Km 13 marker and leaving Aticama.

010.1 Miles (016.3 Km) -- Entering community of Playa Los Cocos, no congestion.

010.7 Miles (017.3 Km) -- Leave Playa Los Cocos.

012.8 Miles (020.6 Km) -- Km 19 marker.

012.9 Miles (020.8 Km) -- Road comes to a T. Right is Santa Cruz, left is Tepic. We turn left.

013.3 Miles (021.5 Km) -- Cut-off to the right for Puerto Vallarta and Las Varas. We turn right.

013.9 Miles (022.4 Km) -- Enter small town of El Llano. A little congestion and topes, no problem.

014.4 Miles (023.2 Km) -- Out of El Llano.

029.5 Miles (047.6 Km) -- Pass through Ixtlán de Concepcion. Topes and a little congestion.

030.0 Miles (048.4 Km) -- Road joins us from the right, watch for traffic. We are leaving Ixtlán.

031.9 Miles (051.5 Km) -- Pass through village of San Isidro, little congestion, no problems.

033.7 Miles (054.4 Km) -- Entering the larger town of Zaculapan. Road climbs the hill into town and streets are cobblestones, watch for topes. Some congestion and it is necessary to pull around the occasional bus or pickup.

034.0 Miles (054.8 Km) -- Town square on the left, through traffic turns right on the street at the far side of the square. We turn right at the far side of the square.

034.3 Miles (055.3 Km) -- Pemex #2399 with Magna and diesel on the left. It’s small with poor access and no truck parking.

034.4 Miles (055.5 Km) -- Leaving the town of Zaculapan.

039.2 Miles (063.2 Km) -- Entering the town of Las Varas. The road becomes a divided two-lane boulevard. Watch for topes.

039.6 Miles (063.9 Km) -- Road meets Hwy 200. This is the main coastal highway leading from Tepic at the north all the way down the coast past Acapulco. We turn right onto Mex 200. The road is being widened to four lanes through town.

039.7 Miles (064.0 Km) -- Pemex #2384 on the right with Magna and diesel. It’s small and has poor access for big rigs, no truck parking.

040.2 Miles (064.8 Km) -- Out of the town of Las Varas.

041.0 Miles (066.1 Km) -- Cutoff right to Chacala on the coast.

041.3 Miles (066.6 Km) -- Km 75 marker. The Km markers are counting up as we go south, they started in Tepic.

050.7 Miles (081.8 Km) -- Pemex #3547 on the right with Magna, Premium, and diesel. Good access for big rigs although usually somewhat congested, some truck parking.

051.4 Miles (082.9 Km) -- La Peñita RV Park to the right.

051.5 Miles (083.1 Km) -- Entering La Peñita e Jaltimba, population 7,160. Road becomes four lanes driving through town. No congestion but quite a bit of traffic.

052.0 Miles (083.9 Km) -- Stop light. The road to the right is the main street of La Peñita.

052.4 Miles (084.5 Km) -- Leaving La Peñita, road goes back to two lanes.

053.3 Miles (086.0 Km) -- Entrance right to the resort town of Rincón de Guayabitos.

053.5 Miles (086.3 Km) -- Km 95 marker.

053.6 Miles (086.5 Km) -- Second entrance to Rincón on the right.

054.1 Miles (087.3 Km) -- Cutoff right to village of Las Ayala.

061.4 Miles (099.0 Km) -- Cutoff right for village of Lo de Marcos.

067.8 Miles (109.4 Km) -- Cutoff right for village of San Francisco.

070.7 Miles (114.0 Km) -- Cut-off right for village Sayulita.

079.3 Miles (127.9 Km) -- Road becomes four lanes.

079.6 Miles (128.4 Km) -- Off ramp to right for Punta de Mita.

081.3 Miles (131.1 Km) -- Entering town of Bucerias. Lateral roads start. The road through this town is now four lanes wide with some stop lights. Not congested at all on the main road.

083.0 Miles (133.9 Km) -- End of laterals. Leaving Bucerias.

083.1 Miles (134.0 Km) -- Pemex #4266 on right with Magna, Premium, and diesel. Good access from our direction.

083.8 Miles (135.2 Km) -- Exit right for Flamingos Country Club. We continue straight.

085.8 Miles (138.4 Km) -- Pemex #4881 on left with Magna, Premium, and diesel. It’s for small vehicles only and there is only access for vehicles from the other direction.

086.5 Miles (139.5 Km) -- Km 149 marker.

087.3 Miles (140.8 Km) -- Exit right for Nueva Vallarta. We continue straight.

087.8 Miles (141.6 Km) -- Nueva Vallarta exit on right, Pemex on left.

088.8 Miles (143.2 Km) -- Two lane bridge being expanded to four lanes. Entering the state of Jalisco. Road goes back to four lanes after bridge.

090.3 Miles (145.6 Km) -- Retorno (u-turn) for Universidad. We continue straight.

090.8 Miles (146.5 Km) -- Pemex #5186 on left with Magna, Premium, and diesel. Access only from opposing lanes, not suitable for RVs due to small stalls.

091.6 Miles (147.7 Km) -- Pemex #5365 on left with Magna, Premium, and diesel. Access OK for diesel, poor for gas.

092.3 Miles (148.9 Km) -- Airport ext to right. We continue straight. Entering suburbs of Puerto Vallarta.

092.7 Miles (149.5 Km) -- Pemex #3228 on left with Magna, Premium, and diesel. Good access. Also entrance to large Plaza Marina mall on right with large supermarket.

093.9 Miles (151.5 Km) -- Bull ring on left.

093.2 Miles (150.3 Km) -- Wall-Mart under construction on left, Sam’s Club already open.

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