From: Cuernavaca to Tepotzotlán (Mexico City)
Date: March 13, 2001
Logged By: Mike and Terri Church
Vehicle: 19-foot Class B Van

Note: This route follows narrow and steep roads around the west side of Mexico City to Toluca, then follows the toll road around the northwest side of the city to Tepotzotlán, on the north side of the city. The route from Cuernavaca to Toluca is a tough one for big rigs, we wouldn’t do it in a motor home over about 30 feet long.

Getting around Mexico City which is the center of Mexico’s road system, is always difficult in a big rig. See our book Traveler’s Guide to Mexican Camping for the best routes.

000.0 Miles (000.0 Km) -- Cuautla and Yautepec exit (Entronque 4) just south of central Cuernavaca. This is the end of the prior log. We are on 6-lane Mex 95 heading north toward Mexico City.

000.2 Miles (000.3 Km)
-- Km 90 marker.

001.3 Miles (002.1 Km) -- Exit right for Mega supermarket. We continue straight.

001.3 Miles (002.1 Km) -- Exit right for Ave. Diana (Entroque 3). We continue straight.

003.8 Miles (006.1 Km) -- Pemex #5176 on the right with Magna, Premium, and diesel. It’s a large station with very good access northbound, no access southbound. Limited truck parking.

004.3 Miles (006.9 Km)
-- Pemex on the left under construction. No access from northbound lanes.

005.6 Miles (009.0 Km)
-- Tepotzotlán exit to right (Entronque 2). We continue straight.

006.6 Miles (010.6 Km)
-- Exit right for Ciudad Mexico libre and Cuernavaca Centro. We exit here. Km 80 is just before the exit. We are now on surface roads in Cuernavaca.

006.9 Miles (011.0 Km)
-- Go straight at glorieta (traffic circle).

007.3 Miles (011.8 Km)
-- Pemex #3220 on the right with Magna and Premium, no diesel. Turn right just after the Pemex following the Mexico Libre sign. Road soon begins a very serious climb as we pass through the Cuernavaca suburbs. It is a fairly narrow two-lane paved road.

011.1 Miles (017.9 Km)
-- We turn left near Km 65 marker following signs that say Huitzilac, light vehicles only.

012.9 Miles (020.8 Km)
-- Entering Huitzilac.

013.4 Miles (021.6 Km)
-- Road comes to a T. We turn left following sign to Toluca. Road is a fairly narrow two-lane highway.

013.9 Miles (022.4 Km)
-- Km 5 marker. Entering Parque Nacional Lagunas de Zempoala.

019.6 Miles (031.6 Km)
-- Parking lot for Lagunas de Zempoala to the left.

024.7 Miles (039.8 Km)
-- Our altimeter reads 10,140 feet.

028.4 Miles (045.8 Km)
-- Enter town of Santa Martha, it’s unusual for Mexico because it’s built of wood.

028.7 Miles (046.2 Km)
-- Road comes to a T. We turn right toward Tianguistenco.

029.6 Miles (047.7 Km)
-- Pemex #3335 on the right with Magna, Premium, and diesel. This is small station but it has good access.

034.9 Miles (056.3 Km)
-- Pass through the town of Coatepec, five topes.

035.7 Miles (057.6 Km)
-- Road splits, we go left toward Toluca.

036.5 Miles (058.8 Km)
-- Leave Coutepec.

039.7 Miles (064.0 Km)
-- Come to overpass, take road toward Tenango.

042.6 Miles (068.6 Km)
-- Enter S.M. Texcalyacac.

043.0 Miles (069.4 Km)
-- Pemex #3474 on the left with Magna, Premium, and diesel. Medium-sized with OK access, no truck parking.

043.5 Miles (070.1 Km)
-- Out of the town, great views of Mt. Toluca ahead.

045.0 Miles (072.5 Km)
-- Enter Techuchulco. Sidewalks, somewhat congested because people are parked in the two-lane road.

045.7 Miles (073.6 Km)
-- Cutoff left for Malinalco, we continue straight.

045.7 Miles (073.6 Km)
-- Enter Sta Maria Jajalpa, sidewalks but room for parking so not too congested.

046.1 Miles (074.4 Km)
-- Road turns 90 degrees right in front of church and soon leaves town.

049.4 Miles (079.6 Km)
-- Tenancingo and Ixtapan to right, we go right.

049.8 Miles (080.2 Km)
-- Ixtapan Libre left, Taxco and Ixtapan Cuota right, Toluca right. We follow Toluca sign, road becomes 4-lane divided boulevard.

050.9 Miles (082.0 Km)
-- Taxco/Ixtapan Cuota cutoff (Mex 55D), we continue straight.

051.2 Miles (082.5 Km)
-- Sign says 22 Km to Toluca. We are on Mex 55 which is a four-lane divided highway.

052.5 Miles (084.6 Km)
-- Pemex #3814 on the right with Magna, Premium, and diesel. It has good access and a little parking.

055.9 Miles (090.1 Km)
-- Pemex #5877 on the left with Magna, Premium, and diesel. It also had good access but no parking.

058.7 Miles (094.6 Km)
-- Pemex #3154 on left and right. They both have Magna, Premium and diesel with good access and no parking.

060.9 Miles (098.1 Km)
-- Metepec and Zacango cutoff to right, we continue straight.

061.5 Miles (099.1 Km)
-- Metepec cutoff to right, we continue straight.

061.9 Miles (099.8 Km)
-- Galerias Metepec is along road, this is a large shopping center with Liverpool, Sears, and Sanborns. Lateral road starts.

062.3 Miles (100.4 Km)
-- Another shopping center on the right called Plaza Las Americas, has Vips, Sams Club, Bodega A, and Burger King.

062.7 Miles (101.1 Km)
-- We get in lateral to get ready to turn right.

062.8 Miles (101.2 Km)
-- We turn right following sign for Mexico.
After turn we are on a ring road called Miron.

064.4 Miles (103.8 Km)
-- Coming to intersection with Paseo Tollucan.

064.6 Miles (104.1 Km)
-- Road splits, take right leg to join Paseo Tollucan, a large multi-lane boulevard with laterals that heads east toward Mexico City.
Heavy vehicles, those with duals in back, are supposed to be in the laterals on this road and the police here are notorious for stopping RVs. Don’t take a chance, you’ll see that most of the trucks are on the laterals too.

066.0 Miles (106.4 Km)
-- Pemex #0960 on the right with Magna, Premium, and diesel.

067.3 Miles (108.5 Km)
-- Km 58 marker.

067.9 Miles (109.4 Km)
-- Holiday Inn on the right.

075.1 Miles (121.0 Km)
-- Pemex #0945 on left and #4531 on right. Both are large with Magna, Premium, and diesel and would have good access except that they are very busy. The laterals end here.

073.4 Miles (118.3 Km)
-- Pemex #4990 on left with Magna and Premium, no diesel. Access is complicated.

073.8 Miles (119.0 Km)
-- Sign says Mexico 48 and road begins to climb.

075.9 Miles (122.3 Km)
-- Pemex #5126 on the right with Magna, Premium, and diesel. It has poor access for big rigs. The highway is now a 6-lane limited access highway.

080.7 Miles (130.1 Km)
-- Small restaurants and parking along side of road. Altimeter says 9,750 foot altitude.

081.6 Miles (131.5 Km)
-- Road splits, Mexico Cuota (toll) left, Libre (free) right. We go left.

081.9 Miles (132.0 Km)
-- Exit for La Marquesa, we do not take it.

082.0 Miles (132.2 Km)
-- Km 33 marker.

083.2 Miles (134.1 Km)
-- Leaving state of Mexico, entering Mexico D.F.

083.4 Miles (134.4 Km)
-- At the summit, altitude 10,140 feet.

086.0 Miles (138.6 Km)
-- Tunnel.

087.3 Miles (140.7 Km)
-- Queretaro Cuota exit to right (Mex 57D). We take the right exit to follow the sign.

087.4 Miles (140.9 Km)
-- Toll plaza. Rates: automobile – 35 pesos; 2 axles – 70 pesos; 3 axles – 105 pesos; 4 axles – 140 pesos; 5 axles – 175 pesos.

087.5 Miles (141.0 Km)
-- Naucalpan Cuota to right at Y, we follow sign for Queretaro Cuota.

087.7 Miles (141.4 Km)
-- Desierto de los Leones cutoff to right, we continue straight.

088.8 Miles (143.1 Km)
-- Mexico Libre right, Queretaro/Naucalpan cuota to left, we go left..

088.8 Miles (143.2 Km)
-- Toll plaza not operating, sign says pay at Salida (exit).

092.0 Miles (148.5 Km)
-- Interlomas Exit, we continue straight.

093.8 Miles (151.2 Km)
-- Huizquilucan exit, we continue straight.

095.3 Miles (153.6 Km)
-- Xonacatlan and Naucalpan Toreo exit, we continue straight for Queretaro and Perinorte.

099.0 Miles (159.6 Km)
-- Centro, C Otomi and San Mateo exit, we continue straight.

103.6 Miles (167.0 Km)
-- Santa Monica and Zona Esmeralda exit, we continue straight.

106.3 Miles (171.4 Km)
-- Atizapan and V. del Carbon exit, we continue straight.

109.1 Miles (175.9 Km)
-- Satelite and Lago de Guadalupe exit, we continue straight.

111.5 Miles (179.8 Km)
-- Toll booth. Rates are not posted, we paid 73 for automobile. Mexico D.F. and C. Izcalli Exit, we follow signs left to Queretaro.

112.0 Miles (180.6 Km)
-- Mexico 57 Exit. We continue toward north and Queretaro as the road we are on merges with Mex 57 headed north.

113.1 Miles (182.3 Km)
-- Perinorte exit, we continue straight.

113.0 Miles (182.2 Km)
-- Looking over our shoulder we see that a sign for traffic from the north says 1 Km to Toluca Exit so that’s what you want to watch for if you are southbound and want to use this route.

123.6 Miles (199.4 Km)
-- Pemex #0255 on the right. It’s large with good access, has Magna, Premium, and diesel, and no parking.

120.6 Miles (194.6 Km)
-- Tepotzotlán exit.

See Traveler’s Guide to Mexican Camping for information about camping in this area.



Copyright © 2001 Mike and Terri Church