From: Mazatlán to Teacapán
Date: February 25, 2001
Logged By: Mike and Terri Church
Vehicle: 19-foot Class B Van

000.0 Miles (000.0 Km)
-- At junction north of Mazatlán. This is the point where the previous log ends. We are headed south on the Mazatlán bypass. This is a four-lane highway.


001.0 Miles (001.6 Km) -- Pemex on the left under construction. It has no number yet.

001.6 Miles (002.6 Km) -- Km marker 290.

002.3 Miles (003.7 Km) -- Large Ley supermarket on the right.

002.4 Miles (003.9 Km) -- Pemex # 5414 on the left with Magna, Premium, and diesel. It’s medium-sized but no access southbound.

003.0 Miles (004.8 Km)
-- Cutoff to right for Mazatlán centro. Just before the cutoff are two service stations: Pemex #5432 in on the left with decent big rig access for northbound traffic, Pemex #1767 is on the right with good access for southbound traffic.

006.5 Miles (010.5 Km) -- Km 282 marker, large power plant visible on the right.

007.5 Miles (012.1 Km) -- Entering town of El Castillo.

007.9 Miles (012.7 Km)
-- Pemex #3996 on the right with Magna, Premium, and diesel. This is a medium-sized Pemex with great access for big rigs, there is lots of paved truck parking in the rear.

008.5 Miles (013.7 Km)
-- Leaving town of El Castillo.

008.8 Miles (014.2 Km) -- Prison on the left.

011.4 Miles (018.4 Km)
-- Cutoff right for Mazatlán airport. Just beyond the airport cutoff a sign says Tepec 273 km, Rosario 51 km.

013.3 Miles (021.4 Km)
-- Road narrows to two lanes.

014.7 Miles (023.7 Km)
-- Bridge crosses Río Presidio.

014.9 Miles (024.0 Km) -- Enter town of Villa Unión. Through town highway is four lanes with sidewalks.

015.7 Miles (025.3 Km) -- Pemex #1781 on the right. It has Magna, Premium, and diesel and is large with good big-rig access and lots of trucks parked out front, this is a major truck stop. After Pemex we are out of the town of Villa Unión.

015.8 Miles (025.5 Km)
-- Cutoff left for the highway up the Devil’s Backbone to Durango. We continue straight.

027.0 Miles (043.5 Km)
-- Pass through town of El Huijote.

029.0 Miles (046.8 Km) -- Pass through town of Tablón No. 2.

037.2 Miles (060.0 Km)
-- Road become four-lane highway.

037.7 Miles (060.8 Km)
-- Road splits. Tepic Libre (and the route through El Rosario and Escuinapa to left), toll bypass of Rosario and Escuinapa to right. We go left to take the free road, this is the best route to reach Teacapán. If you plan to continue south without visiting Teacapán you should probably take the toll road. It is an excellent high-speed two-lane road with wide shoulders and is `20.2 miles (32.6 km) long and charges this year were: automobile – 32 pesos, 2,3 o4 four axles – 53 pesos, 5 or 6 axles – 85 pesos. We did not log the toll road but it rejoins tomorrow’s log at Mile 4.0.
042.4 Miles (068.4 Km) -- Entering the city of El Rosario, population 63,000. Most of the town is off to the right of the highway and driving through the outskirts on the highway is no problem.

042.8 Miles (069.0 Km)
-- Cutoff right for central El Rosario.

043.0 Miles (069.4 Km)
-- Pemex #1778 on the left with Magna, Premium, and diesel. It has good access for big rigs.

043.9 Miles (070.8 Km)
-- Puente Baluarte and leaving El Rosario.

044.2 Miles (071.3 Km)
-- Cutoff left to access the toll road bypass.

047.7 Miles (076.9 Km)
-- Highway passes over the toll road.

051.5 Miles (083.1 Km)
-- Pass through the town of Rincón del Verde.

054.4 Miles (087.7 Km) -- Abandoned Pemex on the right.

056.1 Miles (090.5 Km)
-- Entering outskirts of city of Escuinapa.

056.4 Miles (091.0 Km) -- Southbound traffic makes a 90-degree right and becomes one way. Traffic is diverted a block west (right), then turns left (south) to parallel the northbound traffic a block away as the road passes through Escuinapa.

056.6 Miles (091.3 Km)
-- Turn 90-degrees right following sign to for Teacapán. This is the point where tomorrow’s log will start. If you plan to continue south to San Blas or other points you can start using tomorrow’s log here although most people will probably have taken our advice at Mile 37.7 above to use the toll road to bypass Escuinapa.

057.0 Miles (091.9 Km)
-- Road comes to a T. Signs say Teacapán right, Tepec left. We turn right.

057.4 Miles (092.6 Km) -- Cross railroad tracks.

057.5 Miles (092.7 Km)
-- Signs says Teacapán 39 Km. Pemex #5274 on the right with Magna and diesel. Looks like they will have Premium soon but the Premium signs is still covered with black plastic. It’s a medium-sized station with good access.

066.9 Miles (107.9 Km)
-- Cutoff right for Playa Las Cabras.

079.7 Miles (128.5 Km)
-- Cutoff right for La Tambora.

080.9 Miles (130.5 Km)
-- Entering Teacapán. Old Pemex on right.

See our book Traveler’s Guide to Mexican Camping for information about Teacapán campgrounds.

Copyright © 2001 Mike and Terri Church