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From: Mex 101 Junction to La Pesca
Date: January 28, 2001
Logged By: Mike and Terri Church
Vehicle: 19-foot Class B Van

Note: This log runs from the junction of Mex 101 and Mex 180 to the coastal village of La Pesca. The junction is some 77 miles north of Ciudad Victoria. La Pesca is a coastal fishing village with a long beach located at the mouth of the Rio Soto La Marina..

000.0 Miles (000.0 Km) -- At the junction. Mex 101 and Mex 80 are one road from the border at Matamoros south to this point. Here the two roads separate, 101 going southwest to Ciudad Victoria and 180 southeast toward Tampico. We head southeast on Mex 180.

000.1 Miles (000.2 Km) -- Km 232 marker. Sign says 82 km to Soto La Marina.

    This is a two-lane road with no shoulders. The road is in good shape but the surface is uneven enough to slow large RVs to 35-40 mph. It runs across dry desert-like country with some cactus.

031.0 Miles (050.0 Km) -- Cutoff to Jiminez and Abasolo to the right at the Km 170 marker.

047.7 Miles (076.9 Km) -- Puebla Tampaquido cutoff to the right.

050.7 Miles (081.8 Km) -- Entering the town of Soto La Marina, population 8,447.

051.4 Miles (082.9 Km) -- Cutoff left to La Pesca. We turn left.

    There is a Pemex just ahead and to the right before we turn. It is Pemex #3429 and has magna, premium, and diesel.

051.8 Miles (083.5 Km) -- Sign says 50 km to La Pesca.

    The new road is also paved with no shoulders. It is narrower than Mex 180 and slower going. There is very little traffic today.

071.1 Miles (114.7 Km) -- We can see water in the distance from the top of a rise.

072.1 Miles (116.3 Km) -- Entering town of Vista Hermosa.

076.9 Miles (124.0 Km) -- Naval base on the right. Big topes out front.

081.3 Miles (131.1 Km) -- Pemex #3480 on the right with magna, premium, and diesel. Its really not along the highway but about a block back on a side road.

081.5 Miles (131.5 Km) -- Short bridge Puente Ostion.

081.6 Miles (131.6 Km) -- Entering town of La Pesca, 7 topes as we pass through.

083.3 Miles (134.4 Km) -- Harbor for small boats on the right.

084.8 Miles (136.8 Km) -- At the end of the road. A lighthouse marks point where the river enters the ocean. To the left a long sandy beach stretches north backed by hundreds of empty palapas waiting for the summer crowds.


Copyright 2001, 2002  Mike and Terri Church