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Route: Isla Aguada to Villahermosa
Date: January 22, 2001
Logged By: Mike and Terri Church
Vehicle: 19-foot Class B Van

000.0 Miles (000.0 Km) -- At the toll booth for the Puente de Unidad. This 3,222 meter-long bridge has a toll: Autos 36 pesos, Two Axles 90 pesos, Three or four axles 125 pesos, five axles 179 pesos. The speed limit on the bridge is 50 kph and it is strictly enforced. Rumor says the bridge is weak and excess speeds might cause it to fail.

After the bridge the road is narrow two-lane with a decent surface. It runs next to the beach.

020.8 Miles (033.5 Km) -- Entering Ciudad de Carmen. The road becomes a divided four-lane boulevard. It is easy to find your way through town, just follow the high-tension lines overhead.

Pemex #3408 with magna, premium, and diesel on the right. Good access but no truck parking.

024.1 Miles (038.9 Km) -- Turn-off for Villahermosa to the left. We turn left. This road is also a divided boulevard but not as wide and busier, many folks park along the sides effectively turning it in to a two-lane divided road.

024.9 Miles (040.2 Km) -- At a traffic circle with three outlets. Enter and turn off at the second outlet. Were still following the highline wires and the road is still a divided boulevard.

026.4 Miles (042.6 Km) -- New Pemex on the right. No number yet. It has magna, premium, and diesel and is large with good access.

026.5 Miles (042.7 Km) -- Out of town and onto another long bridge.

029.1 Miles (046.9 Km) -- Toll booth for the bridge. Rates: autos 53 pesos, trucks and busses with 2,3, or 4 axles 106 pesos, trucks with 5 axles 170 pesos.

030.9 Miles (049.8 Km) -- Military checkpoint. They stopped us and walked through the rig.

034.1 Miles (055.0 Km) -- Through small village of Puerto Rico, five topes.

042.1 Miles (067.9 Km) -- Entering the very long village of Atasta. There is no room to build a ring road around this town because there is water at the edge of town on both sides. Watch for running children, dogs, turkeys, chickens, and pigs.

046.2 Miles (074.5 Km) -- Out of town. There were eleven tope in Atasta.

052.8 Miles (085.2 Km) -- Road Ys, go right. This is the beginning of a bypass around the village of San Antonio Carderias. The peninsula is wider here allowing construction of the bypass.

057.0 Miles (091.9 Km) -- Road Ys, go left. This is the bypass for the village of Nuevo Progresso.

070.0 Miles (112.9 Km)
-- State border, leaving Campeche, entering Tabasco. The road passes over a free bridge here. After the bridge the road is definitely in better condition with a smoother surface.

070.8 Miles (114.2 Km) -- Cutoff to the right for the village of San Pedro.

078.4 Miles (126.5 Km) -- Military checkpoint. Asked us where we are coming from, where are we going, are we tourists, are we Americans, do we have cigarettes? Waved us on.

083.7 Miles (135.0 Km) -- Road Ys, go left. This is a ring road around the city of Frontera.

084.3 Miles (136.0 Km) -- Pemex #1050 on the left with magna, premium, and diesel. Not great access but lots of truck parking in the rear.

086.1 Miles (138.9 Km) -- Puente Frontera, a free bridge.

086.7 Miles (139.8 Km) -- End of the bridge.

088.9 Miles (143.4 Km) -- Enter city of Felipe Carrillo Puerto Sur, plenty of room.

091.7 Miles (147.9 Km) -- Out of town.

101.5 Miles (163.7 Km) -- Cutoff to Paraiso, Col. Alvarado and Pico de Oro to right.

119.9 Miles (193.4 Km) -- Pemex #3864 on the left. It has magna and diesel and fair access.

127.3 Miles (205.3 Km) -- Diversion (Detour) to the right for Villahermosa. Weve heard from a caravan we met that this is because the bridge is out. We go right. The detour is temporary and on small paved back roads. We wont detail it here. We reach the city of Villahermosa in about five miles.

Copyright 2001 Mike and Terri Church