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From: Cancún to Chetumal
Date: January 16, 2001
Logged By: Mike and Terri Church
Vehicle: 19-foot Class B Van

000.0 Miles (000.0 Km) -- On Mex 307 south of Ciudad Cancún at the point where the airport cutoff goes right.

Pemex #4835 is .6 mile (1 km) north of this point. We are headed south. The road is four-lane divided highway.

000.1 Miles (000.2 Km) -- Overpass to Zona Hotelera passes over our head. This is the southern access to the hotel zone.

000.4 Miles (000.6 Km) -- Km 341 marker.

001.1 Miles (001.8 Km) -- Cutoff for the Merida Cuota (toll route to Merida) to the right.

001.2 Miles (001.9 Km) -- Highway overhead.

010.8 Miles (017.4 Km) -- Zoo Crococun to the left.

012.3 Miles (019.8 Km) -- Laterals start. We are nearing the Puerto Morelos cutoff.

012.8 Miles (020.6 Km) -- Cutoff left for Puerto Morelos. Also Pemex #3280 with magna and diesel to the right. It is small with poor access for big rigs.

015.8 Miles (025.5 Km) -- Rancho Loma Bonita on the left.

025.3 Miles (040.8 Km) -- Tres Rios ecopark to the left at the Km 301 marker.

031.7 Miles (051.1 Km) -- Laterals start. We are approaching the Playa Del Carmen cutoff.

032.1 Miles (051.8 Km) -- Playa Del Carmen cutoff to the left. Also a Pemex under construction on the left. It has the number 0000 but that should change when it is finished.

032.8 Miles (052.9 Km) -- Second Playa Del Carmen cutoff.

033.3 Miles (053.7 Km) -- Playacar resort cutoff to the left.

034.0 Miles (054.8 Km) -- Laterals end.

036.4 Miles (058.7 Km) -- Xcaret ecopark to the right. The entrance road passes under the highway and the park is actually on the left.

036.9 Miles (059.5 Km) -- Road becomes two lanes wide. It is still a great road with very wide shoulders. Traffic continues to speed along as if it were a four-lane highway, much of the slower traffic drives partly on the shoulder. Be alert!

037.2 Miles (060.0 Km) -- Punta Venado maritime terminal to the left.

042.2 Miles (068.1 Km) -- Km 274 marker.

044.6 Miles (071.9 Km) -- Playa Aventuras cutoff left.

045.5 Miles (073.4 Km) -- Puerto Aventuras cutoff left.

048.7 Miles (078.5 Km) -- Robinson Club to the left.

055.1 Miles (088.9 Km) -- Akumal to left.

059.0 Miles (095.2 Km) -- Cutoff to Ciudad Chemuyil to the right.

061.1 Miles (098.5 Km) -- Xel-ha ecopark to the left.

069.8 Miles (112.6 Km) -- Tulúm archeological site to the left.

069.9 Miles (112.7 Km) -- Pemex #2944 on the left.

070.0 Miles (112.9 Km) -- Entrance to Tulúm archeological site parking to the left.

071.0 Miles (114.5 Km) -- Road to Boca Paila to the left. This road goes out to the beach, then south to Punta Allen. After a few miles it enters the Sian Ka´an Biosphere Reserve and deteriorates. There are many small resorts before you reach the reserve gate.

    The road northwest to the Cobá archeological site goes right at this point also.

071.3 Miles (115.0 Km) -- Enter the town of Tulúm. The road becomes a boulevard.

072.4 Miles (116.8 Km) -- Leaving Tulúm.

085.7 Miles (138.2 Km) -- Pass through the town of Muyil. Two topes.

101.2 Miles (163.2 Km) -- Cutoff to Vigia Chico to the left.

130.2 Miles (209.9 Km) -- Approaching Felipe Carrillo Puerto. New Pemex under construction on the right.

130.4 Miles (210.3 Km) -- Km 134 marker.

130.5 Miles (210.5 Km) -- Sign directs heavy traffic to go to the left to bypass the central part of town. We go left.

130.7 Miles (210.8 Km) -- Stop sign. We stop and then turn right. We are now on a divided boulevard. We see no further signs directing traffic but this is not a problem, just continue straight.

131.4 Miles (211.9 Km) -- Cross over a major road.

132.5 Miles (213.7 Km) -- Road comes to a T. We have reached Mex 307 south of town. We turn left.

132.9 Miles (214.4 Km) -- Km 130 marker.

142.6 Miles (230.0 Km) -- Pass through the town of Uh-may.

160.8 Miles (259.4 Km) -- Pass through the town of Andreas Quintana Roo. Two topes.

170.2 Miles (274.5 Km) -- Enter town of Los Limones. The road passes right through the central part of town and past the square but congestion is not a problem.

171.4 Miles (115.2 Km) -- Out of town.

173.7 Miles (280.2 Km) -- Cutoff left to Majahual and Xcalac on the coast. It is 55 km out to this town.

177.5 Miles (286.3 Km) -- Pass through Pedro A. Santos. Three topes.

179.3 Miles (289.2 Km) -- Cutoff right to Mérida via Mex 293.

184.7 Miles (297.9 Km) -- Cutoff to Buenavista goes left.

201.5 Miles (325.0 Km) -- Road from Bacalar comes in on the left. This is one-way and can not be entered.

201.7 Miles (325.3 Km) -- Bacalar north entrance road to left.

203.7 Miles (328.5 Km) -- Bacalar south entrance road to left.

205.1 Miles (330.8 Km) -- Cenote Azul and road along the Laguna de Siete Colores to the left.

215.6 Miles (347.7 Km) -- Intersection of Mex 186 to Escárcega and Mex 307. This is the point where the next log begins. Escárcega is to the right, Chetumal straight ahead about 9 miles. See our book Traveler's Guide to Mexican Camping for information about camping near Chetumal.

Copyright © 2001 Mike and Terri Church