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From: Merida to Cancún via Mex 180D Toll Road
Date: January 9, 2001
Logged By: Mike and Terri Church
Vehicle: 19-foot Class B Van

Note: This toll road is the quick way to get to Cancún, but it’s also expensive. You’ll be pretty much the only traffic on this road other than tourists from Cancún.

000.0 Miles (000.0 Km) -- This log begins the point where Mex 180 leaves the Merida ring road on the east side of the city. We are heading east. The road has a good two lane surface with wide shoulders.

001.1 Miles (001.8 Km) -- Pemex #4198 on the right with magna, premium and diesel. It has good access.

024.4 Miles (039.4 Km) -- Pemex # 5129 on the left with magna, premium and diesel. It doesn’t have many pumps but has great access and lots of truck parking.

025.2 Miles (040.6 Km) -- Cutoff to Izamal to the left.

037.3 Miles (060.2 Km) -- The road forks. To the left is the toll road, to the right the free road. The free road parallels the toll road all the way to Cancún. It goes through many small towns with lots of topes, but it’s free – your choice. We take the toll road. The toll road is a good four-lane divided highway.

038.7 Miles (062.4 Km) -- Cut-off to Kantunil and the free road to the right.

068.2 Miles (42.3 Km) -- Toll booth and cut-off to Piste and the archeological site at Chichén Itzá. Through traffic tolls are: cars – 85 pesos, two axles – 160 pesos, 3 or 4 axles – 230 pesos, 5 axles – 350 pesos. If you get off here you pay: cars – 45 pesos, two axles – 90 pesos, three or four axles – 125 pesos, five axles – 195 pesos. If you get back on here after a visit to the site you pay the difference between the two rates. Piste and the site are just a mile or two off the toll road. See Traveler's Guide to Mexican Camping for information about camping in this area.

091.3 Miles (147.3 Km) -- Miles (147.3 Km) -- Pemex #5478 on the left, it’s small but has great access and carries magna, premium, and diesel.

092.9 Miles (149.8 Km) -- Cutoff to the right to Valladolid.

093.1 Miles (150.2 Km) -- Cut-off to the right to Tizimín.

131.3 Miles (211.8 Km) -- Toll booth. Rates: cars – 145 pesos, 2 axles – 280 pesos, 3 and 4 axles – 390 pesos, 5 axles – 605 pesos.

133.2 Miles (214.8 Km) -- The state line, leaving Yucatan and entering Quintana Roo.

177.6 Miles (286.5 Km) -- Cut-off for Tulum and the airport. This road goes direct to the southern entrance of the Cancún hotel area.

177.8 Miles (286.8 Km) -- End of the toll road. The road continues as a four-lane boulevard. This is the western edge of Cancún which is expanding westward along the highway.

178.1 Miles (287.3 Km) -- Military checkpoint. They were not stopping anyone.

180.0 Miles (290.3 Km) -- Pemex #4440 on the left with magna, premium, and diesel. It has great access and limited truck parking.

184.6 Miles (297.7 Km) -- Corner with the main route to the Centro and Zona Hotelera to the right, Punta Sam and Isla Mujeres straight. This is the edge of the central area of the city.

Copyright © 2001 Mike and Terri Church