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From: Campeche to Mérida on back roads
Date: January 5&6, 2001
Logged By: Mike and Terri Church
Vehicle: 19-foot Class B Van

Note: There are quicker routes between Campeche and Mérida but this one passes near some of the Yucatan’s most interesting archeological sites including Etzná, Kabah and Uxmal.

000.0 Miles (000.0 Km) -- Start at Pemex # 2778. This is on the waterfront highway south of Mérida. Turn inland here.

000.3 Miles (000.4 Km) -- Ave. Universidad to the right.

000.4 Miles (000.6 Km) -- Supermarket to the left.

000.5 Miles (000.8 Km) -- Road splits, take the left (main) fork.

000.9 Miles (001.5 Km) -- Km marker 5.

002.4 Miles (003.9 Km) -- Glorieta (traffic circle). Turn right. Pemex #4197 on the right with Magna, Premium, and diesel. It has good access for big rigs.

002.6 Miles (004.2 Km) -- Chevrolet dealer on the right.

003.4 Miles (005.5 Km) -- Cutoff right for Champotón via Libre. Continue straight.

003.6 Miles (005.7 Km) -- Km marker 199.

003.7 Miles (006.0 Km) -- Mérida via Mex 180 cutoff to right, this is a cloverleaf and actually ends up heading you north. We turn right to take this road. If you continue straight you will find yourself on Mex 180D, a toll road, and can not get off without going half way to Champotón and paying a steep toll. The road signs are confusing. You can probably tell there is a story behind this warning.

004.4 Miles (007.1 Km) -- Km marker 11.

005.6 Miles (009.0 Km) -- Km marker 13, cutoff to right for China and Etzná. We continue straight.

006.1 Miles (009.8 Km) -- Mex 180 cutoff to Etzná to right, we continue straight.

010.6 Miles (017.1 Km) -- Cutoff right signed Mérida via ruinas and Hopelchén, we turn right.

011.1 Miles (017.9 Km) -- Km marker 9.

013.5 Miles (021.8 Km) -- Pass through the village of Castamay. Four topes.

024.9 Miles (040.2 Km) -- Intersection. Tenabo and Mérida via 180 left, straight to ruins. We go straight. This is Hwy 261.

025.6 Miles (041.3 Km) -- Km marker 1.

029.4 Miles (047.4 Km) -- Pass through the village of Tiquimul. Five topes.

033.3 Miles (053.7 Km) -- Pass through the village of Cayal. Two topes. Most of the town is away from the road on the right.

033.5 Miles (054.0 Km) -- Etzná via Hwy. 188 to right. We continue straight.

056.7 Miles (091.5 Km) -- Tacob ruin on the left.

058.6 Miles (094.5 Km) -- Pemex #0376 on the right with Magna, Premium, and diesel. It is small but has great access for big rigs. The Km 54 marker is just beyond.

058.8 Miles (094.8 Km) -- Entering outskirts of Hopelchén.

059.0 Miles (095.2 Km) -- Cutoff left for the Hopelchén bypass road. It is signed for Mérida. We turn left to take the bypass and avoid the crowded center of town. The bypass is a quiet divided boulevard.

060.1 Miles (096.9 Km) -- Road comes to a T. This is the main highway on the far side of Hopelchén. We turn left.

061.7 Miles (099.5 Km) -- Xtampak ruins to the right.

083.4 Miles (134.5 Km) -- Cutoff left for connector to Mex 180, we continue straight.

095.2 Miles (153.5 Km) -- Cross border into the state of Yucatan.

096.9 Miles (156.3 Km) -- Military stop. This is normally a stop to make sure you have no pork or chicken, they take it away to avoid the spread of disease. This time, however, they don’t even ask if we have any. Just asked where we were headed and where we came from.

Directly after the stop is a cutoff right for Loltum. We continue straight.

097.2 Miles (156.7 Km) -- Km marker 115.

099.9 Miles (161.1 Km) -- Kabah archeological site on right, and left.

104.8 Miles (169.0 Km) -- Entering Santa Elena.

105.0 Miles (169.3 Km) -- Cutoff right to Luna.

105.8 Miles (170.6 Km) -- Out of Santa Elena.

113.7 Miles (183.4 Km) -- Uxmal archeological site to the left.

123.2 Miles (198.6 Km) -- Entering the city of Muna, population 9,400. Muna has sidewalks and can be a little congested but should present no real problems.

123.9 Miles (199.8 Km) -- Pemex # 2853 on the left with Magna, Premium, and diesel. It is small and has poor access. It’s right across the street from Muna’s central square.

124.6 Miles (200.9 Km) -- Out of Muna.

149.0 Miles (240.2 Km) -- Cutoff right for Mérida. This is the entrance ramp for Mex 180 into Mérida. We go right to take Mex 180.

149.4 Miles (240.9 Km) -- Km marker 175 on Mex 180. Sign says 13 km to Mérida.

155.2 Miles (250.2 Km) -- We reach the Mérida ring road. We go right to pass around Mérida.

161.2 Miles (259.9 Km) -- Pemex #4796 on the right with Magna, Premium, and diesel. It is a small station with good access.

163.0 Miles (262.8 Km) -- Cancun to right. Pemex #4148 is just beyond on the left side. Turn right here to go toward Cancun. The next road log starts here.


Copyright ©  2001, 2002  Mike and Terri Church