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From: San Cristobol to Palenque
Date: January 2, 2001
Logged By: Mike and Terri Church
Vehicle: 19-foot Class B Van

Note: This route from San Cristobol to Palenque is a relatively narrow two-lane road running through the heart of Chiapas. It is commonly used by large RVs, trucks and busses but careful driving is required since it has many curves and hills and is also commonly used by locals on foot. Plan on averaging no more than 30 mph on this route. Exercise extreme caution in your driving, particularly if try to pass another vehicle or when passing near the many pedestrians walking along the road.

000.0 Miles (000.0 km) Route begins at Pemex #0348 just outside Palenque on Mex 190 toward the south. The Pemex has Magna, Premium, and diesel and excellent access. The eastern ring road goes left just after the Pemex.

000.1 Miles (000.2 Km) -- Km 88 marker.

000.6 Miles (001.0 Km) -- Periferico (ring road) sur goes right.

003.8 Miles (006.1 Km) -- Grutas de Racho Nuevo to the right.

005.0 Miles (008.1 Km) -- Mex 186 to Ocosingo goes left, Mex 190 continues straight. We turn left toward Ocosingo.

007.6 Miles (012.3 Km) -- Aeropuerto cutoff to left.

010.4 Miles (016.8 Km) -- Chanal cutoff to the right.

028.3 Miles (045.6 Km) -- Pass through village of Oxcuc.

044.7 Miles (072.1 Km) -- Cutoff to Altamirano to right.

054.1 Miles (087.3 Km) -- Approaching city of Ocosingo. Gas plant on right.

055.5 Miles (089.5 Km) -- Pemex #3720 on the right. It has Magna, Premium, and diesel. Its medium-sized and has good access but no truck parking.

055.6 Miles (089.7 Km) -- Cutoff right to Tonina archeological site.

056.4 Miles (091.0 Km) -- Cutoff right for Ocosingo Zona Centro to right marked with a big green overhead sign.

057.1 Miles (092.1 Km) -- Leaving Ocosingo.

057.3 Miles (092.4 Km) -- Pemex #8036 on the left with Magna, Premium, and diesel. It has good access.

069.4 Miles (111.9 Km) -- Sign says Palenque 96 Km.

085.5 Miles (137.9 Km) -- Km 99 marker.

093.1 Miles (150.2 Km) -- Cutoff left for Agua Azul.

093.6 Miles (151.0 Km)
-- Km 86 marker.

099.3 Miles (160.2 Km) -- Cutoff left for Agua Clara.

117.7 Miles (189.8 Km) -- Cutoff left for Cascada Miso-Ha.

118.6 Miles (191.3 Km) -- Km 45 marker.

123.6 Miles (199.4 Km) -- Intersection. Chancala right, Palenque left. We go left.

127.2 Miles (205.2 Km) -- Nututun Hotel on the right.

127.8 Miles (206.1 Km) -- Km 30 marker.

128.9 Miles (207.9 Km) -- Pemex #4868 on the left with Magna, Premium, and Diesel. Its medium-sized with good access.

There is also a sign that says were entering Palenque, population 63,209.

129.1 Miles (208.2 Km) -- Intersection. The archeological site is to the left, continue on the highway for the town of Palenque.

See Traveler's Guide to Mexican Camping for information about camping in Palenque.


Copyright 2001 Mike and Terri Church