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From: Uruapan to Pátzcuaro via Mex 14D
Date: December 7, 2000
Logged By: Mike and Terri Church
Vehicle: 19-foot Class B Van

Note: Uruapan is now linked to Pátzcuaro and Morelia for the entire distance by a new two-lane toll road. It now takes just about the same time to drive to Uruapan from Pátzcuaro as it does to Morelia from Pátzcuaro. From Uruapan to Pátzcuaro, however, the road climbs over 2,000 feet.

000.0 Miles (000.0 Km) -- This drive begins on the eastern edge of Uruapan on the Libramiento, the free ring road that circles this side of the town. The toll road, Mex 14D, actually begins nearer the center of town but his is a good place to get on. The route is signed as being the Morelia Cuota. The road here is a four-lane divided boulevard, you have not yet entered the toll highway. Many vehicles park temporarily in the right lane.

000.7 Miles (001.1 Km) -- Very large prison on the right.

001.3 Miles (002.1 Km) -- Pemex #5620 to right. It has magna, premium, and diesel and is a large station with good access but no truck parking.

002.1 Miles (003.4 Km) -- Free Mex 14 exits to the right. This road parallels the toll road for the entire distance but takes quite a while longer. The toll road becomes two lanes, but it is wide and has wide shoulders. It is a high speed road, long sections are marked with a speed limit of 110 kph.

005.8 Miles (009.4 Km) -- Exit marked Lazaro Cardenas. This must just be an exit to the free road.

010.4 Miles (016.8 Km) -- Toll booth. Rates: auto or pickup without duals - 24 pesos, auto or pickup without duals with one axle trailer - 36 pesos, car or pickup with 4-wheel trailer - 48 pesos, two, three or four axles - 50 pesos, 5 or 6 axles - 70 pesos. This rather strange toll schedule must reflect the traffic in the area and gives a break to local residents, most of them seem to own heavily overloaded pickups, many pulling overloaded trailers. Actually, many toll roads on the east coast are similar to this one, they give a break fifth-wheel owners without duals. The per axle rate for pickups towing a trailer without duals is lower than the one for those with duals pulling the same trailer.

015.2 Miles (024.5 Km) -- Cutoff for Jujucato and Huertas.

022.0 Miles (035.5 Km) -- Cutoff to the free road, it is marked for both Pátzcuaro and Uruapan.

027.2 Miles (043.9 Km) -- Toll booth. Rates: ligeros (autos and pickups without duals)-13 pesos, each axle added to a ligero (like a trailer) - 6 pesos, 2 to 4 axles - 25 pesos, 5 and 6 axles-40 pesos.

030.9 Miles (049.8 Km) -- Pátzcuaro exit to right. The exit ramp merges into traffic that is traveling away from Pátzcuaro, take the first left exit which is a U-turn that will take you back down toward Pátzcuaro. For some reason the U-turn is not marked so you could travel some distance before you realized that you were going in the wrong direction.

033.1 Miles (053.4 Km) -- At a Y. Right goes in to the central area of Pátzcuaro and is marked Centro. Left continues around town on a two-lane, slow and busy libramiento (free ring road). We stay left. Central Pátzcuaro is no place for an RV.

033.6 Miles (054.2 Km) -- Pemex #5311 to the left. It has magna, premium, and diesel and is medium-sized with OK access.

035.1 Miles (56.6 Km) -  Libramiento ends at an intersection. Right will take you in to central Pátzcuaro, left down to the lake and then on to Morelia.

See our book Traveler's Guide to Mexican Camping for information about camping in the Patzcuaro area.

Copyright İ 2001 Mike and Terri Church