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Route: Nuevo Casas Grandes to Chihuahua and then follow the Periférico around the city
Date: November 28, 2000
Logged By: Mike and Terri Church
Vehicle: 19-foot Class B Van

Note: This road log enters Chihuahua from the north and takes you around the town on the Periférico.

000.0 Miles (000.0 Km) -- At the intersection of Mex 10 and the side road to the Casas Grandes archeological site. This intersection is just outside the southern outskirts of the town of Nuevo Casas Grandes which is a farming town with a population of about 5,000 people. Head south on Mex 10 which is a two-lane highway with a paved surface in good repair.

022.7 Miles (036.6 Km) -- A Y with Mex 10 going right and a brand new toll road, Mex 56D going left. We go left onto the toll road. This is a two-lane road with nice wide lanes, fog lines, and almost no traffic (not that there is much traffic on any road in this area). This road is so new that it is not shown on our maps. Kilometer markers are counting down from Km 60 at the beginning of the road.

049.6 Miles (080.0 Km) -- Toll booth. Rates as follows: auto-40 pesos, two axles-70 pesos, three axles-90 pesos, four axles-110 pesos, five axles-130 pesos. The toll plaza is still under construction, it will have restrooms and rest areas.

060.8 Miles (098.1 Km) -- Toll road ends by rejoining Mex 10. Mex 10 comes in from the right, we continue straight ahead following signs for the town of Ricardo Flores Magon. The new road is also paved two-lane, in pretty good condition but not as good as the new toll road was.

066.9 Miles (107.9 Km) -- Entering the small farming town of Ricardo Flores Magon.

067.2 Miles (108.4 Km) -- Pemex on the left in the middle of town, it has magna and diesel. There's a better one in a short distance for big rigs.

068.0 Miles (109.7 Km) -- Toll road entrance to the right. The free road goes straight. We turn right. This is a two-lane paved toll road in excellent condition but not brand new like the last one. Speed limit is 90 kph.

068.2 Miles (110.0 Km) -- Huge Pemex truck stop on the left. It has magna and diesel. Lots of room for big rigs and lots of parking out back. Also has a restaurant open 24 hours.

115.5 Miles (186.3 Km) -- Toll booth. Rates: autos-37 pesos, 2 axles-68 pesos, 3 axles-85 pesos, 4 axles-105 pesos, 5 axles-125 pesos.

115.9 Miles (186.9 Km) -- Toll road reaches Mex 45. The only option here is to enter the highway headed south for Chihuahua. This is a four-lane divided free road of about the same quality as a U.S. Interstate.

116.2 Miles (187.4 Km) -- Retorno or turn-around lane for those who really wanted to go north to Juarez and El Paso, Texas.

161.4 Miles (260.3 Km) -- Pemex on left and right. These are big places with lots of room and truck parking, they have magna, premium, and diesel.

161.7 Miles (260.8 Km) -- Free road goes off to the right. If you stay on the main road it is a short toll road on in to Chihuahua. We stay on the toll road.

162.0 Miles (261.3 Km) -- Toll booth. Rates: autos - 24 pesos, 2 axles - 40 pesos, 3 axles - 60 pesos, 4 axles - 80 pesos, 5 axles - 100 pesos.

170.9 Miles (275.6 Km) -- Big new buildings off the side - Motorola facility on right, Lexmark on left, then Coca-Cola to the right under construction.

172.9 Miles (278.9 Km) -- Stop light. Ciudad Universitaria to right. Continue straight.

173.0 Miles (279.0 Km) -- Big Pemex on the left with magna and diesel, then on the right.

174.6 Miles (281.6 Km) -- Stop light and road going right marked for Ciudad Cuauhtemoc. Turn right. This is the beginning of the ring road or Periférico, don't miss the turn or you will have to continue on through town on city streets.

174.7 Miles (281.8 Km) -- Immediately after the turn you'll notice a big Soriana grocery store on the right, it is under construction as we drive by. Get into the left lane because you want to turn left at the next light.

175.0 Miles (282.3 Km) -- Stop light. Turn left. Signed for Cuauhtemoc and Hwy 16. You are now on the ring road or Periférico. Chihuahua is growing like crazy and there is construction on both sides. This road may have been in the country when it was built but now it isn't. It is a four lane road that curves in and out, up and down, as it circles the city. It is not a high speed road but it has few lights and is a good way to get around the city.

176.0 Miles (283.9 Km) -- Pemex on the right with magna and diesel.

177.2 Miles (285.8 Km) -- Pemex #4557 on right with magna and diesel, poor access for big rigs.

177.5 Miles (286.3 Km) -- Pemex #4354 with magna and diesel.

177.7 Miles (286.6 Km) -- Big Soriana grocery store on the left.

179.2 Miles (289.0 Km) -- Pemex #5690 on right with magna and diesel.

180.3 Miles (290.8 Km) -- Stop light with shopping on both sides. Go right for Office Depot and Kentucky Fried Chicken, left for Wall-Mart, Sam's Club, and VIP's Restaurant. We went left to the Wall-Mart where we found a cash machine to get some pesos with our bank card. It was inside the store, as was a Banamex bank branch where we were able to pay for our tourist cards. There was also a McDonalds and lots of groceries, talk about one-stop shopping. Access for big rigs is fine if you take the left at the light, drive past the store and then turn left on the boulevard behind. Drive up past the rear of the stores and you will find an entrance to the very roomy parking lot there. We don't count the detour in the road log.

183.0 Miles (295.2 Km) -- Periférico curves right and merges left onto a major boulevard. Just go ahead and merge.

183.9 Miles (296.6 Km) -- Stop light and left turn for traffic headed south. Marked as Calle 120a. Turn left here. If you had gone straight you would have been on Hwy 16 to Ciudad Cuauhtemoc. The road continues around the outskirts of town, but now it is less crowded and the quality of the homes along the road is much lower than before.

189.6 Miles (305.8 Km) -- Left turn for the airport, we continue straight.

192.3 Miles (310.2 Km) -- Road Ts as it meets Mex 45 from Delicias and Torreón. If you were coming from the south and trying to find this road it goes off to the left and is signed as Hwy 16 - Cuauhtemoc. One way to be sure you don't miss it is to watch for a very large orange monument. The left turn is 1.9 miles after you pass the monument as you head north.

. See our book Traveler's Guide to Mexican Camping for information about camping in Chihuahua.

Copyright © 2001 Mike and Terri Church