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Driving Information From Reader


Winter, 2005-2006

The following information comes from Mark Dunn, resident of Zacatecas. Good maps of Mexico are hard to find, there are some good ideas in this material.


I agree with your opinion about Guia Roji maps, particularly their atlases with the greater detail. One thing we notice however is that the detail accuracy on Guia Roji maps, for instance the location of second and third class roads and the towns on them, can often be more imaginative than factual. As you suggest, SCT, the Federal agency in charge of virtually anything that moves, has an Internet site with good maps at www.sct.gob.mx. In right hand side of window are some buttons. Click on Carreteras, then Atlas, then the state you wish by scrolling down the page. Don't panic when the Adobe Reader image comes up at a size of say 3"x3" for an entire state; using the magnifying glass/zoom feature in Adobe will get you up to any degree of closeness you desire. The SCT site can often be painfully slow and other times blazing fast, like on Sunday afternoons. Recently SCT has locked this site so you cannot print off of it although oddly we were able to save entire state maps in Adobe .pdf files to our hard drive. SCT's maps help verify details on Guia Roji. Recently, I also used www.maps.google.com to verify what SCT was telling me, although for Mexico only satellite imagery is available, so make sure that is clicked on the upper left hand button, not Maps or Hybrid.

Using both of these we were, for instance, able to verify that along the coast of Tabasco that the Guia Roji was wrong about continuity of a road. To check the SCT for validity, we used the Google maps and actually saw the bridges. We have done the same to map routes around the north side of Mexico City.
One last small item is that by using www.accuweather.com or www.weather.com, one can find out the weather for virtually any Mexican town of over fifteen thousand inhabitants. Accuweather has more cities listed, and has a tendency to be more conservative or cynical in their forcasting.
Hope this is helpful. Mark Dunn; Zacatecas, Zac.


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