With Mike and Terri Church


Trip 1 - The British Isles (Including Amsterdam and France's Loire Valley)

             March 26 - June 25

             Total Driving Distance - 5,450 Miles


Trip 1 includes some extra time in Amsterdam picking up the RV which we had purchased from American RV travelers. It is an older  European-manufactured Mercedes motorhome. After a week in Amsterdam moving in, changing title, and passing roadworthiness tests, we drove to France to meet friends from Germany for a one-week trip through the Loire Valley. From the Loire we traveled by ferry from Dieppe, France to Newhaven, England. Once there we toured England, Wales, Scotland, and finally Ireland before returning to Amsterdam for a flight back to the U.S.

The following map outlines the itineraries we followed  touring the British Isles. We didn't always follow the most direct routes and as the accompanying web pages will demonstrate, we traveled faster than the average tourist probably would want to travel, usually spending only one night in each location. This isn't necessarily the route or schedule we'd recommend for a leisurely visit to the British Isles. It does, however, give ideas of the many wonderful sites easily accessible when touring by RV.

The following is an index to the web pages related to travel in this Trip 1 to the British Isles. Click on map or the links below to see more details.

Getting Started


Itinerary 1 - Amsterdam to France's Loire Valley

Itinerary 2 - The Loire Valley to London

Itinerary 3 - Southeast England

Itinerary 4 - Central England

Itinerary 5 - Cornwall, Wales, and the Lake District

Itinerary 6 - Western Scotland

Itinerary 7 - Eastern Scotland

Itinerary 8 - Northern England and Northern Ireland

Itinerary 9 - Western Republic of Ireland

Itinerary 10 - Eastern Republic of Ireland


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