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Companies Offering Caravan Tours In Europe:

European Motorhome Tours - Dieter and Gaby Weigelt offer guided RV tours in Europe. They conduct tours for Fantasy Caravans and others, but you can arrange your tour directly with them.

Tourist Information:

All of Europe

Visit Europe - A good basic introduction to the attractions of 33 European nations.

Tourist Offices Worldwide Directory - This huge database gives you addresses of official tourist offices throughout Europe and around the world. If there is a web site you'll find a link here too.

Fodors - One of the best travel information sites on the web. It will even prepare a personalized miniguide for you based upon your itinerary.

Rick Steves' Travel Through the Back Door - Rick Steves is well known as a European travel expert. He produces travel television shows that appear on PBS, writes many travel guides, and his company will take you on a tour of Europe or sell you a railpass. This site is full of information about it all.

Expatica - News and info for expats in Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, and Spain.

KarmaBum Cafe - Great site for information and links to help you plan your European camping trip.


Visit Britain - Official British government travel site.

Visit London - Official London travel site.

Transport For London - Public transportation in London. Schedules, maps, fares.

Oxford Tourist Information - Official City of Oxford tourism travel site.

Forest Holidays - Campsites on government forest land.

The National Trust - Information about National Trust attractions throughout the UK.


Bord Fáilte - Irish Tourist Board

Northern Ireland Tourist Board - Official tourist information site for Northern Ireland.


Dutch Tourism Board

Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Lots of information about the Netherlands.

Netherlands Board of Tourism - Amsterdam - Tourism and Convention Board site with information about Amsterdam.

Belgian Tourist Office in the Americas

Luxembourg National Tourist Office in the US

Luxembourg Tourist Office in London


French Government Tourist Office

Maison de la France

Paris Tourist Office

Tourism Midi-Pyrenees Camping Qualité - Campsites in the Midi and Pyrenees regions.


German National Tourist Board - German national tourist office.

Germany Info - German Information Center in New York and German Embassy in Washington, DC

Travels Through Germany - Private site with lots of info about Germany.

Berlin Tourist Information

Munich Tourist Office

Bremen Tourism - Official Bremen tourist information site.

Deutsch Welle - German news in English.


Tourist Office of Spain

Instituto de Turismo de España

Tourist InSite - The official Portuguese government tourist website. - Government website with tourist and business info.


Italian Government Tourist Board

Italian Ministry of Culture - Info on Museums throughout the country.

Vatican Website

Wanted in Rome - The site of an English-language magazine with lots of  info about Rome.

Switzerland and Austria

My Switzerland

Swiss Town Guide

Austrian National Tourist Office

Austrian Press and Information Service

Info Vienna

Melk Abbey


Danish Tourist Board


Swedish Travel and Tourism Council

Norwegian Tourist Board

Finnish Tourist Board

Greece and Turkey

Greek National Tourism Organization

Athens Guide

Turkish Ministry of Tourism

Central Europe


Czech Press Agency

Prague Information Service

Prague Post - English-language newspaper.

Hungarian National Tourist Office

Budapest Tourist Office

Polish National Tourist Office

Wieliczka Salt Mine  - Located just outside Krakow. - The Guide to the Slovakian Republic.

Slovenian Tourist Board

Ljubljana Tourist Information Portal - City of Ljubljana Tourist Board

Bled Municipal Tourist Site

General About Driving and Camping in Europe:

Europe By Van and Motorhome - This book by David Shore and Patty Campbell has long been the best introduction to motorhome travel in Europe. Their web site will tell you more about the book.

Moto-Europa - Originally a printed book, Moto-Europa is now an internet site devoted to road travel in Europe. You'll find the text of the book as well as a wealth of internet links to car rental companies, ferry companies, and almost anything else you can think of related to driving in Europe.

AA - The AA is a United Kingdom automobile club. Our favorite feature of this site is the European fuel price information. Go to the search widow and enter "fuel".

European Camping Clubs:

The Caravan Club - This British camping club in an excellent source of information about European camping. We think their camping guides are excellent. They also have some of the best campgrounds in the British Isles, you must be a member to use some of them and many allow RV camping only (no tents). You are required to own an RV to join, but you can buy their Continental Sites Guide and Handbook (2 Vols.) without joining.

The Camping and Caravanning Club - This is the other big British camping club. This internet site has detailed information about their campgrounds.

Danish Camping Union - This site shows their campgrounds and facilities. It even has aerial photos. The pages load fast and are useful with English instructions for reaching the sites. This will give you a good feel for campgrounds in Denmark.

Orbitur Camping Club - Chain of twenty-two campsites in Portugal.

Sources for Vehicles in Europe - Rentals - Automobiles:

Renault Eurodrive - For stays of 17 days and over there is no deal to compare with a lease-purchase. This site has the rates and descriptions of the cars. We often make one or two month visits to Europe and tent camp out of the trunk of a Renault.

Auto France - Similar to the Renault short-term lease but offering Peugeot automobiles.

Auto Europe - Rents autos throughout Europe. Also Peugeot short-term leases.

Dan Dooley - Irish automobile rentals.

Europe By Car - Automobile rentals throughout Europe and both Renault and Peugeot short-term leases.

Sources for Vehicles in Europe - Rentals - RVs:

Motorhome Rentals Worldwide - California company arranges motorhome rentals. Units are available in  Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Munich, Germany; London, U.K; Madrid, Spain.

Motorhome Holidays Worldwide - Australian company arranges motorhome rentals in London, Manchester, Southend-on-Sea, Southampton, Bagshot, Preston, Golden Cross (Eastbourne), Glasgow, and Edinburgh in the UK; Paris, Nice, Lyon, Marseille, Blois, Digne, Toulouse, Dijon, and Ajaccio (Corsica) in France; Amsterdam, the Netherlands; Frankfurt, Munich, Hamburg, and Dusseldorf in Germany; Madrid, and Barcelona, in Spain; Rome, Florence, Milan, Trieste, and Venice in Italy; Dublin, Ireland; Belfast, Northern Ireland; Lisbon, Portugal; Stockholm, Sweden; Oslo, Norway; Helsinki, Rovaniemi, Ivalo and Kuopio, Finland; Tallin, Estonia; and Prague, Czech Republic.

Braitman & Woudenberg - An English-language site for a company that rents camping vans and small Class C's. Their office is near the central train station in Amsterdam. They also sometimes have rigs for sale.

Campanje Campervans and Campers - This Dutch company, located in Utrecht, will rent, lease or sell you a Volkswagen camper.

DRM - The leading German motorhome rental company. The site is in English.

McRent - A new German motorhome rental company, we're hearing excellent reports. They have rental locations throughout Germany and a good website in English.

Reise-Profi Service - This German travel company has an English-language site with information about renting cars and campers.

Motorhome Ireland LTD - An Irish motorhome sale and rental company offering units for rental only in the British Isles from Dublin and Banbridge (40 km SW of Belfast).

Hertz Trois Soleils - French company with motorhomes for rent from Paris and other cities in France.

Freedom Holiday - Italian company with motorhome rentals from Rome, Italy.

Camper Tours Italy - Italian company with motorhome rentals from Bologna, Italy.

Autocaravan Express - Spanish company with motorhome rentals from Madrid, Spain.

Owasca Car & Camper Rentals - This Canadian company can arrange an RV rental in Europe.

Moby Campers - A Swiss company located near Zurich offering rentals and sale-repurchase deals. The site is in English.

Sources for Vehicles in Europe - Purchase - RVs:

Braitman & Woudenberg - An English-language site for a company that rents camping vans and small Class C's. Their office is near the central train station in Amsterdam. They also sometimes have rigs for sale.

Campanje Campervans and Campers - This Dutch company, located in Utrecht, will rent, lease or sell you a Volkswagen camper.

Bilbo's - In East Grinstead (just south of London). New and used RVs, online inventory.

Bromley Motor Caravans - This British company sells used campers. They are located near the Caravan Club's Abbey Wood Campground outside London.

Brownhills - One of the largest UK motorhome dealers. Four locations, online inventory.

Moby Campers - A Swiss company located near Zurich offering rentals and sale-repurchase deals. The site is in English.

Shipping Vehicles to Europe:

Seabridge International - Want to ship your rig to Europe? Contact these people.

SeaBridge for Motorhomes - A German company that also specialized in shipping motorhomes to and from Europe.

Insurance for North American and European Vehicles in Europe:

Braitman & Woudenberg - In addition to selling RVs and renting RVs, these folks can also provide European insurance for your North American or European sourced RV.

Adapting North American RVs for Europe:

ARVN - A U.K. based source for propane adaptors so that you can fill your North American RV in Europe. Two types are necessary. LPG-B bayonet is for the UK, Belgium, Holland and few other countries. LPG-C French/Italian adaptor will be required in Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Portugal.

220 Electronics - Source for step-down transformers so that you can hook up your American rig to the 220-250 Volt current used in Europe. There are many other sources, just put step-down transformer into your Google search box.

Taking Pets to Europe

DEFRA - Bringing Pets to Britain - British government site with many links to information about rules for bringing pets into the UK and Europe under the Pet Travel Scheme.

British Embassy in Germany - Essentially the same info as above.

Pet Travel in Europe - Links related to pet travel in Europe.

Websites of European Camping Travelers:

RVing Europe - Joe and Vicki Kieva describe recent caravan trip to Europe with Overseas Motorhome Tours. And they recommend a good guidebook!

The Adventures of Bob and Terri Bulwa - Here's a site with a travelogue of an extensive camping tour of Europe. Very interesting and lots of good information.

Miscellaneous Sites of Interest:

ViaMare - Book ferries online throughout Europe, check rates and schedules.

International Dialing Codes

Telestial - Site sells prepaid sim chips for cell phones in most European countries. Also sells phones for use in Europe. Give calling rates and tells how sim chips work.

BBC - Print out a frequency schedule to make the job of finding the BBC's news broadcast a snap.


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