January 5 to January 11, 2009

January 7, 2009 - Parked at Guanajuato, Guanjuato, México

We've been in Guanajuato for three days. Our RV park here is the Morrill Trailer Park. The name overstates the case. The park is a series of terraces overlooking Guanjuato. At one time this place must have been bigger. Many years ago, the first time we stayed here, the owner gave us a bumper sticker with the name of the park on it. The sticker looked like it had been printed up 30 years before that. Today the place is used primarily as a parking lot for folks living in the surrounding neighborhood, but there are several sets of hookups with electricity, water and sewer. There are even some archaic restrooms - and they have flush toilets and hot showers.

Getting in here is tough, you just can't do it in anything but a small RV. We get a lot of complaints about this place - poor hookups, dogs barking in the night, an impossible access route - but we like it a lot. As always, the big attraction is location. From here you can walk down the hill, through a tunnel, and be in central Guanajuato in 15 minutes.

Guanajuato itself is an important Mexican city. It has lots of historical significance as well as other attractions that make it a popular destination for Mexico travelers. The streets are impossible to drive but that's OK, you get around on foot. It's a college town so there's lots going on. It's also an excellent restaurant town, certainly on a par with San Miguel and far better than most Mexican cities.

January 8, 2009 - Parked at Cuitzeo, Michoacán, México

Tonight we're boondocking on the property of Arturo and Debbie Barrera. Cuitzeo is one of the new Pueblos Mágicos, a small city with historical significance that is off the beaten tourist track but conveniently close to the beautiful city of Morelia.

Arturo is a visionary. He sees this area as an important future RV destination. For a look at his vision take a look at his website - http://www.SanJuandelLago.com. Arturo is well into building a full service RV park overlooking the Lago de Cuitzeo -and he's recruited the local populace to make his dream a reality. He's convinced several local property owners to make their land availailable for camping. Some of these are lakeside parcels now being used for farming or grazing cattle, others are balnearios (swimming resorts).

You should be aware that much of what you see on his website is still a dream. His campground is not ready for occupancy and access is not yet possible. The balnearios have not been used before as RV parks. And the lakeside parcels are still occupied by cows. Arturo is convinced, however, that RVing is the future of this area and he's just the guy to make it happen. Next week he'll be in Quartzsite rounding up a group to bring south. If you're interested in an adventure you should give him a call. If you're already in Mexico you might enjoy a visit. Arture will be back soon, but don't visit before calling him first! Telephone numbers: In US phone (310) 592-5890 or (310) 592-2590, in Mexico phone 011 52 1 (443) 163 -3348.





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Morrill Trailer Park above Guanjuato

Morrill Trailer Park
French Cafe
A French Cafe in Guanajuato

Arturo Barrera

At his campground overlooking Lago de Cuitzeo.





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