March 27, 2011


Stone Island

The farthest south Mazatlán campground is Stone Island. The campground there is very popular. Central Mazatlán is just a short (and cheap) ferry ride away. We spent several days visiting friends and enjoying the huge open beach.


Beach Sites at Stone Island

Beach Sites at Stone Island


Our Front Yard

Our Front Yard


Ferry to Mazatlán

Loading the Ferry to Mazatlán


Friends Contessa and Colin Jewall

Friends Contessa and Colin Jewall


Beach at Ston Island

The Beach at Stone Island




After Stone Island it was time to go downtown. We spent a few days at the California RV Park.


California RV Park

The California RV Park

No relation to the Hotel California, the Eagles never stayed here.


Jogging in Mazatlán

Is There Any Better Place to Jog in Mexico?

We don't think so.


Mazatlán Cathedral

Mazatlán's Cathedral


Restaurants in Mazatlan

Plazuela Machado Restaurants


Sanor Frog

Good Old Mazatlán

Something for everyone.


Beach in Mazatlán

And then - There's the beach


Mr. Morro RV Park at Las Glorias

Next stop - Mr Moro in Las Glorias. Nice and quiet and a great beach


Parked at Mr Moro

Parked in Las Glorias


Beach at Las Glorias

And the Beach Out Front


Our Current Location







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