Baja Camping Links

Also take a look at our Mexico Camping Links

Sematur - Site for the company that provides ferry service between the peninsula and the mainland.

Bajalinks - Probably the best set of links for Baja topics on the entire web. There are lots and lots of them.

Discover Baja Travel Club - Baja specialists for 20 years, provide insurance, prepaid tourist permits (FMMs), trips, books, maps, information, reservations and bilingual assistance. The site also has Pemex prices, Baja weather information, Baja road distances, and exchange rates.

Vagabundos del Mar - A long-established travel club focusing primarily on the Baja Peninsula. They offer a wealth of information and activities, also Mexican vehicle insurance.

Baja Handbook Online - Almost the entire text of the best general guidebook to the Baja, written by Joe Cummings, is available on this site.

Baja Life Online - This site is related to Baja Life Magazine. Has quite a bit of upscale travel information.

Baja Bound Mexican Insurance Brokerage - Lots of information on this web site about the need for Mexican insurance, very educational. We have not used them for insurance so we can't recommend their product, but take a look at the site.

San Felipe . com - Excellent site with information for planning your trip to San Felipe, directly from San Felipe residents.

Baja Winters Travel Club - This company specializes in inexpensive RV tours down the Baja Peninsula. They also sell Mexican vehicle insurance.


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