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Traveler's Guide to Alaskan Camping

Sixth Edition

Book Additions and Corrections

Editors Note: We receive much of this information from others by mail, email, or in person. We haven't confirmed most of it ourselves. In order to conserve space and increase the usability of the information we receive it is often necessary to rephrase or paraphrase the messages. We like to add the names of the sources of the information we receive, if you don't want your name mentioned be sure to tell us in any email you send.

Anchorage - Page 195

August 12, 2014 - In south Anchorage, there is a new Cabella's Sporting Goods store at 155 104th Ave. They not only allow RVs to park there overnight but have installed a dump station in their side lot. There is no potable water and there is a 24 hour stay limit. It's next door to a new Target store and it's quiet there at night. Good cell phone coverage too. Courtesy of Dick Zimmerer

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